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  1. Bad news and good news....

    I get it. Glad you will still be around as I always liked your comments. I am moving across the country, but going to hold on to my 350 a little longer.
  2. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    45 and sunny today. Took it off the tender and went for a drive. Made a stock Harley look like a fool with a rolling start. He loved the sound from several car lengths back. I love this car.
  3. Frustrated 4th owner looking for one (1) 2015-2018 front wheel . . .

    https://www.car-part.com/noninterchange.htm I have picked up a few nice wheels from places close to me that were on this site.
  4. New to me GT350

    Way to stick with your dream of getting one of these. Congrats.
  5. Lowest Temp to Track SC2's

    I have a track day coming up in a few weeks. Here in the midwest, we are starting to cool off. I am curious what you guys that run SC2's would call the coldest outside air temp to run them for a track day? Also, a sunny track vs. cloudy. I have picked up some used SC2's and want to try them out...
  6. Rotational Noise with Windows Up

    Shot in the dark here. I have a 2018 GT350 that is having a rotational noise that I can only hear when the windows are up. I realize with them down it is harder to hear anything, but I an just putting this out here to see if anyone else has experienced this. At first I thought I had a small...
  7. Help me Find the Cause

    Dude, you can't tell her. Just let it die. I would guess she won't bring it up. However, in about two weeks she will notice the keys being inside and burn you on it.....
  8. TPMS Sensors

    The two used wheels actually came with them, so I ordered two from Tire Rack to get a complete set. Thanks all.
  9. Salvage Titled/Repaired 2021 GT500

    I picked up some used GT350 wheels today from this place in IA. They have the 2021 GT500 linked below for 75k with only 500 miles on it. It was hit in the rear. I did not spend much time looking at it, but it looked really nice. For anyone looking to get into this car it might be worth a phone...
  10. TPMS Sensors

    I picked up some OEM wheels to mount some cup 2's for the track. Do I have to run sensors or can I leave them out? Thanks
  11. Quick Xineering downshift blip module install review

    Very nice. Enjoy the unit and focus on those apex’s.
  12. Let’s See Those Trucks!

    So we were coming from a solid axle Jeep Wrangler. The IDS of the Bronco is night and day better than the Jeep. She drives it in town with very little off road use, so the comfort of ride is great. Not sure how much you know of the cluster the Bronco rollout was, but long story short I ended up...
  13. Ford extended warranty questions.

    Yep, how they work.
  14. Ford extended warranty questions.

    Yes, they are well known for selling the ESP's at $50 over cost.
  15. Oil Catch Cans - Pros and Cons

    I ordered both sides just after getting my 350. I use the Ford Performance ones as well. I have never had anything in the driver side, but passenger is a must. I track only 4-6 times per year. I would only install the one if I had it to do over.
  16. Ford extended warranty questions.

    You can ask your friend at your local if they would match the $50 over from Granger. I purchased mine from Granger and it was so easy. FYI, they only do the Premium Care Level.
  17. OIR Track Days 5/3 & 5/4

    Bump, as this event is just a few weeks away now.
  18. Paint Bubbling - Updated

  19. Paint Bubbling - Updated

    Update 4.14.23 Took the car in this morning. In less than 2 hours had a call from the body shop manager telling me he had ordered my new fender. Service Manager took pictures and submitted to Ford and it was approved for an entire new fender very quickly. Now we play the waiting game on parts...
  20. I checked tire prices today for the GT 350 $690+$35+tax for each tire (Michelin Pilot Cup 2)

    I have seen folks on here use this online seller with good prices/results. https://www.bbwheelsonline.com/tires/