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  1. Oddball question - Brake Pedal voltage

    Hi I got an oddball question. Does anybody know if Ford switched the brake pedal voltage in the 2018 and newer mustangs? I am trying to install Auto-Blip on my 2018 GT350 And I am having an issue with it. I am speaking with them via Email and he thinks Ford may have increased the voltage...
  2. Gen 2 5.2L - Does it push more HP? Truth or rumor?

    I thought I read an article or post recently from someone who had stats showing that the Gen 2 Voodoo motrs were pushing out more horsepower than the Gen 1’s. I recall seeing the HP to the wheels on the Gen1’s at around 467 on avg and the Gen2’s at 490+ HP on average Any truth to this ?
  3. Anyone have their 5.2L motor replaced by Ford? Timeline?

    Hey I am interested in finding out how long it takes from the time it is determined that your motor had to be replaced by Ford under warranty until it gets installed and you got your car back Looking forward to hearing from everyone thanks Jack
  4. Anybody experienced a leaky Voodoo oil pan?

    I have an 18’ 350 with 14k on the motor. no mods to the motor-yet. last month I noticed a small amount of oil on the garage floor. I checked my drain plug and filter and wiped them down figuring the drain plug didn’t seal properly. I checked it not long after and I had another small puddle...
  5. Formal GT500 Intro - Any idea when??

    The last version of the GT 500 was formally introduced at the NY Auto Show in March 2005. The car came out as for the 2007 my. I was kind of thinking Ford would do the same thing since the next gen GT500 is being teased. The press release parties for this years NY Auto show are today...
  6. Dealer Prep work for 350’s

    I’ve seen various posts that address dealer screw ups when prepping a 350 for customer delivery. For these cars, what do they need to do? I just took delivery of an 18 GT350 and I have concerns that the car wasn’t fully prepped. The car came in on Friday and I picked it up the next day...