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  1. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Beautiful day here so my fellow GT350 buddy and I took a drive to meet another friend from out of town for lunch. Great time and a nice drive. Weather was perfect.
  2. Any DE members on here?

    Great, not far at all.. i'm George I have a few guys that get together for coffee and cars, car shows and just out for a drive when we can get together. Or they come by when they need to change thier oil, lol. Have a shop with a lift. So if someone needs to use it I help out. The club is good...
  3. Any DE members on here?

    Hello, Newark Del here. I belong to the First State Mustang and Ford Club. Good group of people, do a lot of events.
  4. Philadelphia Area Tuners?

    Check out Evolution Performance in Aston, PA.
  5. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Got mine last week, excellent quality.
  6. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Got up to 65 today so pulled her out for a little seat time. What a blast! Stopped to take some pics too.
  7. Custom License Plate Illegal??

    Here is a true tale for you. My brother in law was partner in a string of computer stores many years ago. They got into selling copiers. 2 employees were playing with them making copies of 20 dollar bills. Never tried to use them. Threw the copies out. Someone found them in the trash an next...
  8. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Lorne, Have to agree with you about a lot of kids today. Nice to see your daughter learning to drive stick. I have a 17 year old grandson, not into cars. But our 15 year old grandson luvs them. He goes with me to the car shows and events. He can tell you about a lot of different cars too. Guess...
  9. Prior Ponies

    72 Mach 1 R code. Restored myself. 351 HO, 4 sp, 390 Trac lok,
  10. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Lorne, Care to share what other vinyl you have to install?
  11. Official GT350/R Mustang Owners Registry

    Careful now, we do outnumber you.
  12. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    We had a few mice around the house. I bought the same style victor traps but with wifi, tells you when they have done the deed. Got them direct from victor.
  13. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I do the same as Bob. Remove the tube and use a large syringe to suck out the oil. Fast and easy.