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  1. Engine Rattle (Video Attached) - Need Advice

    They basically told me there is nothing they can do and that I should just "monitor". On the plus side they did do the rear camera recall and didn't charge me anything for the diagnosis. I will just monitor.
  2. Engine Rattle (Video Attached) - Need Advice

    So the dealer had my car for two weeks before I heard anything. I think it sat there for a week and a half before they ever looked at it. Low and behold, but not really surprising, they just gave me the bullshit "forged motor, pistons make noise blah blah blah" response. When I asked them how...
  3. Engine Rattle (Video Attached) - Need Advice

    Oil was just changed. Per the previous owner never tracked... but they did have a FP350S (and TWO GT's including a 2022 GT LM!!!). Car was well maintained by the owner's own mechanics. I will drop it off at the dealer and let them deal with it. That's why I have the extended Ford bumper to...
  4. Engine Rattle (Video Attached) - Need Advice

    My 2017 GT350 makes a rattling noise at idle. At the point this video was taken the motor was warmed up. I had just come home from work. The car is new to me so I don't know what's normal and what isn't. I do know forged motors can make all kinds of unique noises. The noise does NOT go away...
  5. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Here you go. I bought mine at LMP. https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-16826-GT350
  6. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Installed Ford Performance hood lifts. Let my ten year old do most of the work. Was great seeing him get into it and really starting to participate!!! Installed Shifteck Resonator Delete. Sounds amazing. Nothing else on the list to do at this point. But the car is still wearing its...
  7. Shifteck Resonator Delete Question...

    Went with removing the neck down. Totally awesome sound. In quiet mode it is virtually silent like it was before (call that Happy Wife Mode). On sport it is loud and mean and sounds like the car means business. LOVE IT.
  8. Shifteck Resonator Delete Question...

    So you think it is worth removing the neck down? Is the additional rasp better? Thanks!
  9. Shifteck Resonator Delete Question...

    Getting ready to install my ShiftTeck resonator delete. My question is which install option should I do: 1. Shifteck with neck down 2. Shifteck with out neck down Is there a big difference in the amount of sound? On quiet mode are they both about the same? I know there is no performance...
  10. Best Laugh in a While...Cowles Parkway Ford in Virginia

    Great point...in fact today I decided that the effort I have to go through for this car just isn't worth the car so I am going to buy a Porsche instead... Yes I am going to pay more (around $80-85k for a 991 with <10k miles) but the 991 is just so well sorted and the build quality is...
  11. 2015-2016 Shelby GT350/GT350R Mustang Orders Placed (Vote/Share Here)

    Yea there is no problem to get an M3/M4 and you can get them closer to invoice than MSRP.
  12. 2015-2016 Shelby GT350/GT350R Mustang Orders Placed (Vote/Share Here)

    I have gone outside as far as Texas. While I think the car will be amazing I am not going to spend Porsche or Z06 money on it...
  13. 2015-2016 Shelby GT350/GT350R Mustang Orders Placed (Vote/Share Here)

    I hear you. I have talked to one too many dealers that think the 350 is the 2nd coming of Christ and that I'll be lucky to get one at all... I'm looking for a 991 now in case it falls through. Mark
  14. Best Laugh in a While...Cowles Parkway Ford in Virginia

    This kind of stuff is just irritating. The greedy dealers are going to turn off a lot of potential buyers. Although I still want a GT350 I am starting to think more seriously about a 911, M3 or Z06.
  15. Who is going to put their R wheels/tires on the shelf?

    Great point...I have 21" (factory) rims on my X5 that are around $2k to replace and a few tire places didn't want to change the tires because of fear of damaging the big rims on the machines.
  16. 2016 Shelby GT350/GT350R Media Drives & Reviews (CHECK FIRST POST)

    Calling this car a "Shelby" really is quite a stretch.
  17. Just secured a 350R at 5K markup

    Let's all keep in mind that NOTHING has sold. All these people that have said "I'll take it at 20k ADM" actually have to CLOSE ON THE DEAL. While I see markups on the "R" model makes sense, $20k ADM on a regular GT350 is $80,000 give or take. As I have said before way to many competitors at...
  18. Removal of Resonators off Non-R

    Who do you think you are? Volkswagen????? :headbonk: :D
  19. How's your dealership experience been with ordering your 350?

    Frankly I am honestly almost to the point of taking my money elsewhere to a different marque. I can't get anyone to return my calls. The Sales Manager is always "in a meeting" and then I leave a VM and no call back. It's a fricking Ford for crying out loud.
  20. Fair price GT350

    Depends where u r. SoCal, good luck on MSRP!