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  1. GT350/R and GT500 knuckle comparison.

    Wow, this thread is a blast from the past ! I might pick up the 2020 knuckles for my 2019 R
  2. MMR Engine Block / Bellhousing Braces for Shelby GT350/R 5.2

    i didn’t see any mention anywhere of those lines being in the way. !
  3. Reverse Lockout no longer works.

    Same exact reason I haven't done the shifter recall on my car. I do not trust a dealership to do it without screwing/damaging something. I didn't have a garage until last month when i bought my house. Now I will fo this myself at home with my quickjacks and instead of going with OEM I'm going...
  4. Z06 pricing officially announced, starts at $106,395

    I hope you are right ! These prices are stupid. Z06 won’t be a limited run so the price should come down at some point. I want one, I’m also going to wait and see how reliable the motor is before I jump in one.
  5. Old battery causing voltage issues ?

    I had weird electrical issues on my 19ZLE. I was getting "service stabilitrack " error codes. The car would loose power steering at low speeds. Before I moved last month and bought a house with a garage I used to keep my cars covered in my driveway over the winter months. I would take the...
  6. Who needs a FL2087 oil filter? Act Fast

    Thank you for the part number. Just placed an order for some o-rings.
  7. Who needs a FL2087 oil filter? Act Fast

    I don't see them on rock auto anymore. I thought there was a link on this thread to purchase just the o-rings but now I can't find it.
  8. TSB 19-2026: Aluminum Panel Corrosion

    I'm trying to avoid going through the hassle of removing the PPF myself before bringing the car to the dealer. I'm concerned because dealers these days are so slimmy that it wouldn't surprise me if they used the PPF I have on the hood to deny my warranty claim. I know I can call Ford if that...
  9. TSB 19-2026: Aluminum Panel Corrosion

    My 2016 challenger hellcat had this same issue on the leading edge of the hood last spring. They also have a TSB for it. They will only repair the affected area, they won't replace the hood. My hellcat is a 2016, I discovered the issue last spring right before the 5 year warranty expired, I got...
  10. TSB 19-2026: Aluminum Panel Corrosion

    My car is also hand washed (by me only) and I get it waxed every year in the fall before it gets put away for the winter. The dealer didn't give you a hard time for having PPF on the affected pannel when you presented your claim? Did they replace your hood or repaint? I'm concerned that...
  11. TSB 19-2026: Aluminum Panel Corrosion

    My 2019 R has the bubbling paint on the leading edge of the hood, near the driver’s side headlight. i plan on bringing the car to a dealer along with the printed TSB to have the hood replaced under warranty. I have paint protection film on the hood and I’m wondering if I should take it off...
  12. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    Thanks for the clarification. I ordered two from Tasca yesterday afternoon and they cancelled my order an hour later. they claim the part is on national backorder. anyone have a good link to a vendor that has stock available?
  13. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    Thanks for the info. I just picked up two of them from Tasca. You're saying that each bag only comes with one o-ring inside?
  14. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    I had one of their ported throttle bodies as well as the throttle controller on my 2018 camaro ZL1/1LE. The difference was night and day, but that was only because it got rid of the RIDICULOUS throttle lag GM built into those cars. The R doesn't have that throttle lag built into it so I'm not...
  15. Hit a deer....

    I see, the insurance company writes you a check after paying for the repairs to offset the "diminished value" of the car after the accident. I never knew there was such a thing.
  16. Looking at a Quick Jack and need advice

    Thanks for the link to the video.
  17. Hit a deer....

    Man, that sucks !! I wish the best for ya, which I think would be having it declared a total loss. Can someone explain to me how the 'diminished value' angle works? Im having a tough time understanding why it would be beneficial to claim diminished value in a case like this.
  18. Looking at a Quick Jack and need advice

    There is a high lift model now? I didn't know that. I bought mine about 4 years ago after a bad episode with a car slipping off the jack. How much higher does the new model go?

    Wow! I didn’t know they were going for that much used ! i wonder what I could get for my 19R with 1500miles of sunny weekend cruising on the clock?
  20. What has everyone done with the window sticker they got when they bought it?

    Mine is laminated. My Hellcat has that verbiage…”This Vehicle was built for (insert name).“ i also wish Ford did the same