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  1. Ford Customer Service Help/Escalation needed

    Anyone have a direct line to a Ford customer service higher up? My BIL bought his second GT350 in July (long story) and it's been a huge PITA. Bought it in Alabama, had it delivered to his local dealer (Valencia,CA). The car simply would not pass smog, they blew all sorts of smoke up his ass...
  2. Highest chassis number for 2016?

    Just checking what might be the highest. I want to say I've seen some 55XX If yours is that high, have you received your owners supplement?
  3. FS:GT350 Oem Calipers, F/R, <500 miles.

    SOLD As the title says, I swapped out my calipers with <500 miles in favor of the red R calipers. So if you want a spare set, want to get these powder coated, or want to try to fabricate brackets for a non-GT350 here is a way to save a few hundred bucks. Full tilt boogie has a full S550...
  4. White track pack-MSRP deal

    Was cruising Instagram and came across this. Claiming msrp in the comments, worth a shot for those looking https://instagram.com/p/BDy05CRBHDS/
  5. 4.09 Rear Gear Set

    Check out the latest FP catalog, looks like 4.09s are now an option MUSTANG SUPER 8.8" IRS RING AND PINION SET PART NUMBER AXLE RING & PINION M-4209-88355A 8.8" 3.55 M-4209-88373A 8.8" 3.73 M-4209-88409A 8.8" 4.09...
  6. 350R Backseat kit

    Now on the ford performance website for sale. Not cheap as expected http://fordperformanceracingparts.com/parts/part_details.asp?PartKeyField=25876 2015-2016 MUSTANG GT350R REAR SEAT INSTALLATION KIT M-63840-MS Suggested Retail Price $999.00 Sold in Units of:Each (1) Fits...
  7. How the GT350 Voodoo REALLY stacks up against the competition

    With no real track times and speculation running wild, this article puts things into perspective nicely. Pretty compelling data for the voodoo we are getting in the GT350 **Full credit to M6G member Sticky for this great comparison**
  8. Member appreciation thread.

    I posted this in another thread, but also wanted to give a shout out to a few guys who had no problems helping complete strangers, especially poor saps like me in the people's republik of komifornia. IA350-He had found 2 dealers at MSRP in Iowa, passed on the 2nd dealer's info to me. Called...