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  1. Recall and Immediate Stop Sale on 8,026 GT350 and GT350R Models: Engine Oil Cooler

    I drove mine back about 550 miles from an out of state dealer, and it was the most enjoyable 550 miles I have ever driven. (It also might have been the quickest 550 miles I have ever driven, but that was not intentional ... it just sort of happened). Cannot let the "what ifs" in life paralyze...
  2. Pa?

    I drove through Horsham on Friday, right down Horsham Rd (463), lol.
  3. '18 R - Who Has The Highest "JR###" So Far?

    I live outside Philly, and I have only seen one GT350 while driving, period. Never seen an "R" in the wild, so to speak.
  4. The Down and Dirty ADM Thread

    If you mean cars listed on individual dealers' website, some have it listed on the site / included in the price; some do not. When I was searching for my R, I was "fooled" more than a few times (in terms of the price on the website not including the ADM).
  5. Temporary PPF?

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions in this thread. I wound up buying a roll of the Xpel Tracwrap (4x20) and using that to protect the front areas / mirrors / lower edges of the hood, etc. I only bought one roll thinking that would be enough, and I should have bought two of them...
  6. Recaros vs Non-Recaros

    I have the Recaro seats, and my first drive in the car was a 8+ hour drive back home from the dealership on the interstate. The seats were much more comfortable and supportive than I was expecting. As others have mentioned, getting out of the car requires a bit of work; getting in is not really...
  7. An invitation from Gotti to all R owners

    Not sure of the exact count, but I am pretty sure it is higher than the "1965" speculation. Has to be closer to 2100 at this point.
  8. AmericanMuscle Mustang Show

    I drove up to Allentown to get the film / coating done - Rock Guard Film is doing the work. I looked at a couple different places (including one you recommended a couple months back), and ultimately picked Rock Guard due to a friend having had work done there in the past. I just got my R a...
  9. AmericanMuscle Mustang Show

    I would have considered heading up that way, but mine is getting PPF, coated, and tinted right now.
  10. '18 R - Who Has The Highest "JR###" So Far?

    So ... I now know my car is JR195. It had a blend date of 03/14, was ready for shipment on 03/20, and was supposed to be delivered to my dealer on 03/28 ... but due to all sorts of stripe and / or shipping delays at FRAP, I am just now picking her up next week.
  11. Traded my GT350 to dealer, wait is on for R

    Congrats, sir - I know how you feel; been in the same boat with you since March 14 (my blend date). You ordered yours a good while before mine, so the total wait has been quite a bit longer, but I will admit the last 10+ weeks have been quite the wait. Just glad to see it is finally moving along.
  12. 2017-18 Shelby GT350 / GT350R Mustang Orders Placed (Vote/Share Here)

    Mine says unable to find matching vehicle. Maybe our cars sat so long at FRAP they finally just moved them to long-term storage :mad:
  13. R.I.P. HR414....sad story

    Glad you are okay. I presume the laws / regulations vary state-to-state, but I was in an accident on I-20 outside Atlanta in 2002 that resulted in my almost brand new truck being declared a total loss and the insurance company paid it out. I was able to buy the wreck from them for a fixed...
  14. My R Journey

    When I finished my basement a few years back, we installed a two-zone ductless system as opposed to replacing / upgrading the main house system with a higher tonnage. Works extremely well, was much cheaper than any alternative, and with the two zones, I can heat / cool / dehumidify only the...
  15. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    You mean the one in Providence Town Center in Collegeville? I work across the street, heh.
  16. My R Journey

    I am hoping ...
  17. Orange Fury R for $5K over Deal- <Back up!>

    The wife was worried about the same thing when I told her, somewhat jocularly, that I wanted Triple Yellow with the black stripe. (As an aside, I do like that color, but it was not my first choice). Her comment was, "Everyone is going to be looking and it is going to attract all kinds of...
  18. My R Journey

    I gave up and stopped checking, lol. I just figured I would wait for my dealer to call me. The disappointment in seeing “Awaiting Shipment” since March 20 was becoming too routine. Kind of a reverse psychology thing, like “a watched pot never boils”. As soon as I stop checking, it will...
  19. 2017-18 Shelby GT350 / GT350R Mustang Orders Placed (Vote/Share Here)

    Mine finished production on 03/20 and is still sitting at FRAP with no EDD.
  20. My R Journey

    Congrats, sir.