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  1. Ford Customer Service Help/Escalation needed

    Yeah that is commiefornia for ya, even though it says its a 50 state car right on the window sticker. Sadly, if the original dealer did the courtesy transfer as originally agreed upon, all of this would have been avoided. (well minus the first motor blowing)
  2. Ford Customer Service Help/Escalation needed

    Yeah, they gave him the OBDII cycle stuff to carry out. At this point I'm guessing the emissions equipment is fouled from the first motor, but really not something the consumer should have to sort out given how long the issue is persisting.
  3. Ford Customer Service Help/Escalation needed

    Thanks man. I still have my car, still love it, zero issues, doesn't drink a drop of oil. At this point my BIL is likely just going to retain an attorney and let them handle it.
  4. Ford Customer Service Help/Escalation needed

    Nope. They are 50 state cars, I bought mine out of state and smogged it no issue with normal driving (~100 miles). I think there is something legitimately wrong with the car my BIL bought. The selling dealer (Alabama) originally stated they would just transfer the car to the local dealer and...
  5. Ford Customer Service Help/Escalation needed

    Anyone have a direct line to a Ford customer service higher up? My BIL bought his second GT350 in July (long story) and it's been a huge PITA. Bought it in Alabama, had it delivered to his local dealer (Valencia,CA). The car simply would not pass smog, they blew all sorts of smoke up his ass...
  6. Purchasing new GT350 out of state and registering in CA

    Eh...as long as you know what is required from you it's not a big deal. My local CU wouldnt finance the car without it first being registered in CA either way, so I had to pay for it cash, register it, then took a put a lien on it. I basically got the MSO and bill of sale showing how much IL...
  7. Purchasing new GT350 out of state and registering in CA

    Same for me. IL (and perhaps other states)and CA have a sales tax reciprocity agreement. There was some form I had to fill out for this when I bought mine Either way you will pay full CA sales tax when it's all said and done
  8. Eibach GT350/R springs

    Im sure this has been asked/answered, anyone switch to these over the Ford Racing springs?
  9. ....for a Bullitt?

    Not a chance
  10. Used GT350 @ Fred Beans? DONT BOTHER

    Always secure financing first.
  11. 2018 R color combo poll

    White+Black Roof+Black Stripes =)
  12. Guilty by Association

    Dash cam, get one
  13. Fair price for 16 Track pack?

    IS there a measurable difference between the 2016 track pack and tech pack cars? Are the track packs commanding higher prices?
  14. Oh snap! Ford performance track showdown!

    Chip on the shoulder guy going on and on and on for 4 pages about said chip on his shoulder Cool video, unfortunately the thread was ruined by silly bench racing. =)
  15. GT350R 5K over.... Congrats Muligan

    Tell that to chevy lol
  16. 350R at $65K

    Very interesting...:cheers:
  17. Troy Ford//Troy, OH// Extended warranty

    $1900 sounds about right, the extended warranty price has increased a ton over the last year. The same warranty I bought from flood ford over a year ago has more than doubled in price. I suspect Ford is doing a lot more warranty repair work than they had originally anticipated
  18. Would you guys say this is a good deal?

    I wouldnt touch that with a 10 ft pole, even for half the asking price. Engine out, buy back, already in an accident.