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  1. My sub enclosure!

    I've gotten several requests for details on my sub enclosure so here goes! After watching numerous videos I decided that I could come up with a better way than laying inside the trunk with an open container of epoxy resin and messy fiberglas. My first plan was to scavenge a piece of the...
  2. Forscan question--more bass on 1 than 0?

    Finally getting around to Forscanning my car. It sure seems like I have more/deeper bass on setting 1 than 0. I have an Alpine amp driving a RF P2 12" sub in a custom enclosure. Anyone check the EQ settings with a machine to determine the difference?
  3. More stereo upgrade questions!

    Good morning all! I believe that I have read every post in this group regarding stereo upgrades! As usual, this makes me question my plan more and more! We once had an Escalade with the Bose system and the "spacious" mode was very pleasant. I have a 2022 GT/CS convertible with the 9 speaker...
  4. First post! Looking for a subwoofer solution

    We just purchased an Atlas Blue 2022 GT/CS convertible that appears to have every option except the B&O stereo :curse: I'm looking for more bass. particularly when the top is down. I read all the threads and it seems that no one is offering a simple solution other than the big box slid to the...