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  1. Nevada Wanted: 2019+ non-R gt350

    Looking for a one owner non-R, that preferably is still under 3/36 or has a Ford ESP. Colors are not an issue but not really interested in black. MUST HAVES: Decently low miles Tech pkg Comfort seats Window sticker/Owners...
  2. Thoughts on this 2020 non-R

    I've been following this listing on a 2020 non-R that has been for sale since June. The dealer finally lowered the price to where it feels like it's a decent deal. I am a bit apprehensive about the selling dealer since a used car dealer. I like the fact that the carfax shows that it's a 1 owner...
  3. Advice on a possible purchase

    I found a white 2020 non-R that I was about to try and make a deal happen and when I contacted the dealer, I was advised that the car that I'm interested in was stolen by a "prospective customer" and was involved in a car chase for about 20mins. The carfax is clean as of now, but the used car...
  4. Nevada WTB 2019+ Shelby gt350 non-R

    WTB a 2019 and up gt350 non-R with the tech pkg and leather seats. Beggars can't be choosers but dream color combo is Performance Blue with black painted roof.
  5. Advice on pricing for a 2019 R

    I think i might have stumbled on a good deal but was wondering what others thought. Found a 2019 R that has 15k miles that's in the high 60's but can probably be brought down to the mid 60's (it's a private seller). Imo, 15k is a bit high for an R but upon texting with the owner, he said that it...
  6. Anyone know where I can rent a Shelby gt350 in the Orlando area

    Visiting Florida for my birthday and was hoping to rent a gt350 on turo, but unfortunately there are no listings in the Orlando area.. Was wondering if Florida locals know of a place. TIA
  7. Allocation available for a base gt500 at MSRP

    Allocation available for a base gt500 in FPB, Black Roof/Stripes, tech pack and CF Dash. Dealer is selling at MSRP. I had originally ordered in Jan before the world fell apart and put down a non refundable 2000 deposit. I talked to the salesperson and he has no trouble for me transferring it to...
  8. Don Vance ford is an evil stealership

    Was about to close a deal on a 2020 lime R for 74k and these scumbag f'cks called me telling me they're "killing the deal" because of some nonsensical bullshit. Tonight, after celebrating NYE, i come to the interwebs to see the car mysteriously disappear from their website. It dons on me that...

    Official word heard from Carl Widmann, CFTP weighs 4000lbs and change...
  10. Opinions urgently needed

    I'm trying to close a deal on a 19 350 and I have choices between 2 non-R's for either 5.1-5.2k off sticker price. I also found a deal for an R that looks pretty sexy for 5k under sticker. The only thing that made me reconsider the R was the Recaros.. They aren't going to work for me and I...
  11. BASE GT500 CURB WEIGHT 4171?

  12. New top speed or fake news?

    The 2020 Mustang page is up and this caught my eye. Is it a typo, fake news or something that's new and inadvertently announced?
  13. New top speed or fake news?

    The 2020 Mustang page is up and this caught my eye. Is it a typo, fake news or something that's new and inadvertently announced? As we all know, it was announced awhile back that the speed limiter was governed at 180
  14. Official 2020 GT350R Changes: New Colors and GT500 Suspension + Steering

  15. Seeking a 2020 R allocation for MSRP

    I'm looking for an open 2020 R allocation at MSRP.
  16. Have an R on order at sticker price, Recaros are NOT going to work out, advice needed

    As the title says, I have a R on order at sticker price and I always thought that the Recaros wouldn't work out and I confirmed tonight that the Recaros aren't going to work one bit. My inner thigh sits on the bolsters and after spending a good half hour sitting in it, I begin to felt...
  17. Oops

  18. Nevada Carbon2Carbon/MAD Industries R- model Wing

    Carbon2Carbon/MAD Industries R-Model Wing for sale. This is the exact replica of the $7k OEM R Wing that's sold by your local Ford dealer. I chose the $600 option to have it painted gloss black. MAD Industries does NOT make these wings anymore, so here's your chance to own one. Anderson...
  19. Real life Performance Blue pics

    Whilst looking around CarGurus, I managed to find a dealer that actually has one in stock!
  20. Nevada 2015 Mustang GT anniversary edition #1337

    This car is #1337 of the run of 50th anniversary limited edition Mustang GT's which were released back in Late 2014. Car was picked up in Jan of 2015 and has the best serial number (other than number 69, 666, and 1776) out of the batch of 1964 made. If you are not familiar with gamer...