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  1. TicTocTach's 2018 EB Premium PP "Build" Thread

    i got both the ducted belly pan and the pp1 lip installed this weekend. thanks though
  2. diy thermocouple data logging

    thanks for replying, with that app are you able to see the history of your temp? i let it run during 2 20 minute track sessions and 2 cooldown periods of letting the car idle with heater on full blast. i didnt feel like trying to sync with video. i estimated where i thought the track time...
  3. TicTocTach's 2018 EB Premium PP "Build" Thread

    i also have a ebpp ,is the pp2 lower splitter required to use the pp1 bellypan ( JR3Z17626B )? Or can i get by with only the pp1 lower lip (JR3Z-17D957-CA) edit; i bought just the pp1 and the lower one wasnt necessary
  4. PP belly pan for ecoboost

    i have a premium perf package ecoboost that i want the GT PP belly pan for. i picked up the JR3Z17626B pan yesterday with my ford points. My stock bellypan is jr3b-6a975-c , but i wasn't able to find the p/n of the splitter with it on the car [edit jr3b-17f775-ab]. i understand i need a...
  5. Lightning Lap 2024 - DH edges Mach 1 by .2 sec

    auto 🤔 🤷‍♂️
  6. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    3DP two fixtures for my cubical, using topology optimization for one of the parts to hold a bent 2.3 ecoboost rod i received, and another to hold the impeller from a 3.5 ecoboost
  7. The big Intercooler thread.

    just ordered charge pipes. does the stock cold side expand under pressure lol. i put a gopro looking at my fans while driving and it kind of looked like it did expand.
  8. GT500 Carbon Fiber Condenser Clips

    sorry, to be more clear. i need a picture of the original part looking down centered over the part, similar to how i have it shown, with the phone flat. i also need a length dimension like i drew with the green line, and also the part thickness.
  9. GT500 Carbon Fiber Condenser Clips

    feel free to message me with an HQ picture looking normal to this face if you want a 3d model of it. along with a dimension i can use to scale it. i did this quickly
  10. GT500 Carbon Fiber Condenser Clips

    i would of taken a picture looking down through the part and then import that picture into cad and scale based off a known overall dimension. in my case i used the cvf plaque as my known dimension. granted this example has its limitations and i was just using it as an experiment
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    trying to add some production value to track videos. i would probably put it on whichever front is easier, while also paying attention to keeping things away from the turbo if i go with the passenger side. I have a thread on the second page in the DYI section about the thermocouples if you're...
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    i only really care about getting data from one rotor, and only during track time. i already have an Arduino setup for two channel thermocouple logging. I'm sure i could do a screen for temp readout, but i would have to learn how to do that and it seems like a distraction while driving
  13. Where are your next events?

    SCCA is doing an event at road america 4/13 , 4/14. that seems really early in the year, even for this odd weather year were having. but i'm going to try and go
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    3DP a representation of this IR sensor to see if its possible to mount near the brake rotors. https://www.sens4speed.com/en/products/56-brake-discs-temperature/33-infkl-800degc-ir-brake-temperature-sensor.html
  15. How bad is my car doing?

    have you tried switching back to the OTS tune? I'm pretty sure ive seen my OAR dip down from 1 to .9 when running 93 on 91 OTS when running a HDPE event and the car was pretty hot.
  16. Laminova HE, additional loop cooling system?

    i guess i didn't explain well enough. -separate loop from the cooling system -oil cooler/fan mounted in the rear (hence cad graphic) -reservoir in trunk or near the rear to increase amount of heat able to be stored what if you did oil/oil, and had 1/2-1X the amount of oil in the engine as the...
  17. Laminova HE, additional loop cooling system?

    I was just trying to think of alternate ways to keep cars from hitting temp limits on track. Just a thread to throw out ideas without clogging the 50 page CHT thread.. I am a firm believer in that the solution isn't to keep stacking heat exchangers infront of eachother. What if a parallel loop...
  18. Looking for compressor surge solution

    in the case of "surge", the turbo experiences axial forces, OP's NX2 has ball bearings which are better with axial loads and don't require a thrust bearing like the OEM journal bearing turbos. open throttle surge is very bad.
  19. Looking for compressor surge solution

    are people assuming the air can't go back towards the airbox? i assume there is an expansion reason for the size of the tube reducing. saw a video from throttle house that said surge under decel is okay, but during accel is bad 🤷‍♂️