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  1. What’s this thing?

    My rates have gone up in the same time, and I do not have a modem. Seems like there’s still an awful lot of hand wringing over this based on rumors and speculation.
  2. Ford Inspector for Warranty Repair-Update:Warranty Denied Claim Due to Off Road Racing

    This has been an exceptionally educational thread. I have heard plenty of “it should work out like this” or “they will have to rule in this way because” over the years but I have never seen where someone actually went through the whole process for this scenario. I did see one where a car “was...
  3. Custom License Plate Illegal??

    The site itself gives this disclaimer after you go through the customizer process:
  4. Front seat rattles: TSB 24-2433

    You would not believe how often I get complaints where something like this is the fix. I have had people argue with me and heatedly trying to explain that they are “not an idiot” so it can’t possibly be that.
  5. TSB 24-2046

  6. General wisdom: How costly and doable is changing just the steering response or anything else independently? Likely new owner.

    I believe the mach1 does not get adaptive cruise due to the physical shape of the front bumper. Normal cruise is still standard.
  7. HELP….mechanic says I need a new ECM

    Might want to check with the dealer on this, can’t say I hear much ever about bad ECMs. Maybe that’s not the problem.
  8. Mechanic shop overcharging

    I’m surprised it would be 32 all the way around, most European performance cars and SUVs have much higher pressures in the rear. The couple of psi different left to right could be from different temps, that’s easy to do on a simple road test.
  9. [Solved] Weird chime from speakers occasionally happens

    I have never heard that chime before.
  10. Map lights suck

    I did the ones in my 19, and I just took the whole thing down to do it. I don’t remember anything weird about it but I am used to the ones in BMWs and those are effing terrible to do. So it may just be my perspective.
  11. Weird miss match door color on 2015 mustang gt

    Just because a repair isn’t reported, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. A lot can happen to a car in almost 10 years.
  12. Heads-Up display for S550s

    Can you see the display when it’s bright or sunny out?
  13. Cabin filter access

    I replaced mine with the WIX one, and the problem I had with it was the structure was so weak that as I fed it in, it would collapse from the force I placed on it. I was thinking the k&n filter would be better in that regard. Any input on that?
  14. S550 Electronic Modules and Their Networks -- A Primer

    Nice! Downloaded that for future reference. Thanks!
  15. Compression test results surprised me

    I have had plenty of healthy motors test equally across all cylinders. Using two different gauges further confirms your results, sounds legit to me.
  16. taillights not working properly?

    Well, if they light up at all then the wiring is good between the lights and module and the lights themselves are good. That leaves logic, either by software or hardware (module internal), and inputs. It looks like you already have come to this conclusion based on your initial post. Not sure if...
  17. taillights not working properly?

    Did you do something recently after which you noticed the behavior?
  18. Anyone come up w/a remedy for the poor radio reception?

    The radio antenna is in fact in the back glass. There is a possibility that the antenna is shorted to the heater grid, or shorted by window tint, or damaged by some other way. One test is to turn on the heated rear glass and see if reception changes, if so that could be a clue in what it will...
  19. Driver Side Door has half power?

    This is my initial gut feeling as well.