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  1. Daily Driver Square Tire Setup

    The 'XL' means the tire is designed to handle extra load (weight). Not needed for a Mustang. No spacers or new studs needed for the wheels you specified. SVE will include new tuner lug nuts, which are required with their wheels, but you won't miss the problematic OEM 2-piece nuts at all.
  2. Magna Ride PP1 Wheel Offset and spacers

    If the front and rear wheels are different sizes, it's not "square", it's a trapezoid.
  3. Daily Driver Square Tire Setup

    The factory rear wheels are 1/2" wider than the fronts, and the front/rear offsets are also different. The rears can be mounted up front if you use spacers, but then you'd have skinnier wheels in back. Probably not the best setup from a handling perspective. SVE (LMR) sells many styles in...
  4. Daily Driver Square Tire Setup

    As others have said, there's no point to going square unless you also change the wheels. For me, 19x10 wheels (+35 offset) with 275/40 tires is ideal. My car is also PP1 w/ magneride, and the 275/40 is the stock rear tire size. 285/35 has a smaller diameter, so unless you're also lowering the...
  5. What are the best street brake pads?

    I feel the same about the Powerstop Z23 pads for a car that is never raced.
  6. Steering wheel mode not changing in modes outside of normal

    From the owner's manual: "Note: If your vehicle has adaptive dampers, the steering setting is optimized to work with each drive mode. Other steering settings may not be available."
  7. Ford Recommended Bolt Install Procedure

    184 lb/ft, per post #1 - https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/gt-suspension-torque-numbers.47084/
  8. MGW gripper knob on Barton Flatstick?

    Chris will make what you're after. You'll need to provide him with the size, thread pitch and the length of the threads on the Barton. https://www.lathewerks.com/
  9. Malware alert

    My AT&T protection has been stopping something called DNS:// CADMUS.SCRIPT.AC for the past few days. It only happens on the 6G forum, multiple times as I navigate from topic to topic. Anyone else seeing this? Do you know what it is? Update: One day later and it's not happening any more. If...
  10. Front brake pads for 2021 GT

    Verify the part # for sure! Benny is @LevittownFordParts
  11. Front brake pads for 2021 GT

    Well, if you're set on OEM, contact Benny at Levittown Ford (forum sponsor) and ask about the forum discount. These list for ~$200 and the description says they fit your car: https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/fr3z-2001-l.html
  12. Will a dogs claws damage perforated seats

  13. Front brake pads for 2021 GT

    How about really good ones for ~$50? https://www.powerstop.com/product/power-stop-z23-evolution-brake-pads/
  14. Introduce yourself!!

    Hi, Adam. It's Performance. There are PP1 and PP2 packages. https://www.cjponyparts.com/resources/s550-mustang-performance-packages
  15. LE Quarter Windows Installed

    FYI - https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/has-anyone-bought-installed-the-hgp-louvered-rear-quarter-windows.156169/page-7#post-3884511
  16. 2019 Marti report

    Update: Ordered August 8th last year. The first document arrived thru email in less than a week. Got a shipment notification for the rest of the package today.
  17. UPR Drain Plug Leaking?

    Thanks for posting this. I realize that $20 for two o-rings is ridiculous, but rather than getting an assortment and fiddling around to find the right size, I went ahead and ordered the UPR ones. Relatively cheap insurance. At least they ship for free. :like: My plug hasn't leaked, but now...
  18. tire size for 19x9 and 19x9.5 wheels

    I don't know if they're "ideal", but the stock PP1 tire sizes for those wheels are 255/40-19 (f) and 275/40-19( r).
  19. 2017 GT 6mt PP wrench light/airbag light

    After reviewing a number of your posts, I think I have a clear picture of your philosophy -