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  1. Dorman 56457 / 57450 vs Ford Rotunda OTC 501-194 to remove cigarette lighter socket?

    Does someone have experience with the tools to remove the cigarette lighter socket without ripping apart the hole center console? There is the expensive OEM tool and a cheap Dorman tool, for almost the same sockets in GM cars, that may work, too. I hope someone can give a hint, if Dorman works...
  2. Deactivate 7g-post display?

    How can I turn it off that here in the 6g forum also the new posts from the 7g forum are displayed under Latest Posts & New Posts?
  3. UK RHD Bullitt VIN for sun visors without stickers?

    Hi, can anyone here help me with the VIN of a RHD Bullitt from the UK (or anywhere else in the world)? I would like to get rid of the airbag sticker on the passenger sun visor of my LHD Bullitt by replacing the sun visor. Please use PM for confidential transmission! :-)