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  1. 02 Sensor front extensions needed ?

    I am installing off road Long tube headers on my 2015 M6, asking if the 02 sensor front extensions are needed ?
  2. Rockauto M-PACT 07199WS

    I brought this clutch kit from Rockauto for my 2015 Mustang GT 6 speed, and after trying to install it realized that only six pressure plate bolts and NO dowel pins would line up to the stock flywheel. I have been in communication with Gary Warren from M-Pact Clutches, the actual manufacturer of...
  3. Part numbers ?

    Anyone know what the part number to these two parts are ? First is the the boot connector that connects the stock clutch line to the slave, second is black plastic retainer that holds the slave connector.
  4. DRl not working

    One side of my DRL stopped working on its own, Has anyone else dealt with this or have an extra pair laying around pm me.
  5. 2015 mustang reverse lockout

    So I have a problem on my 2015 Mustang GT PP with 70K miles, I can go into reverse with out lift up on the collar. I can still go into first just have to be careful, my question is anyone know where to buy this part that seems to be the problem.
  6. 5.0 PP How diffcult to DIY Front Pads ?

    Time to replace my front brake pads on my "15 5.0 PP. I'm asking how difficult it is for me to do it myself ?
  7. Differences in Resonators delete by brand ?

    I'm shopping for a resonator delete x- pipe for my 15' Mustang GT and besides the prices by the various brands, are they any differences say in fitment between any of them ?