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  1. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    Of course! My apologies for any confusion that I may have caused.
  2. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    Thank you, but I think I’m good for now. I have been considering relocating my battery to a trunk mount, but that would require redoing some wiring, in addition to the battery wiring, as some of my nitrous wiring is attached to the battery tray.
  3. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    Please keep us posted if you do.
  4. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    Yes that’s it. Fitment is great with this one and you don’t have to worry about losing the magnet or replacing silicone bumper pads. I’m anal about fitment and how things look and this one, although it may look like poor quality in the pics (it’s actually not) and cost more, it was clearly the...
  5. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    Here is the one from Joleobee. I marked the photo with a yellow arrow to show one of the three silicone pads that help if fit tight in the dash. The vents in this mount are also a lot larger (elongated) to allow even more air flow.
  6. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    The one without the magnet is the best IMO.
  7. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    I initially had the magnetic one from Joleobee in the car for about 2 years. While it was convenient to pull the nGsuge when needed, it had two shortcomings that I didn’t like about it. 1. The silicone bumper pads that helped it fit tight into the vent opening in the dash began to lose their...
  8. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    Yes, the dash trim will need to be pulled off to remove the vent and route the cord for a clean install. Pro Tip: Tape up the nGauge cord before routing it underneath the dash and up through the vent, so that the locking tab doesn’t get snagged on something and break. I just used blue...
  9. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    You’re welcome. I don’t have any condensation issues and I did not block the vent. The vent holes in the mount prevent this. I do split the air between floor and dash, so maybe this helps keep condensation at bay.
  10. nGauge Vent Install - AC Plug

    Yes, the vent mount is holding up perfectly with no issues at all. I know what you mean about the suction cup mounts. I have one for my nitrous controller that had lost its long term gripping ability over the last 3 1/2 years (would fall off occasionally). I cleaned the suction cup with alcohol...
  11. Mechanic shop overcharging

    I don’t know why they suggested changing them when we took the car in for the 16K service. All I can suspect is, it was an attempt to hustle us, that didn’t work. The plugs that I took out were still in great shape. I would not have considered paying them any amount to do a plug install. It’s...
  12. Mechanic shop overcharging

    Yep, it says 32 psi front/rear right on the door sticker. Maserati has also gotten slick in that the dealer now has to reset the service light/oil light on the dash. It can‘t be reset by toggling through the steering wheel buttons like the Mustang can. I refused to let us fall victim to that...
  13. Mechanic shop overcharging

    Yes indeed! It’s scary though, when you think about them doing anything else to a car. Can’t get air pressure right, then they have no business trying to work on any car.
  14. faith healer

    Of course! Be healed my friend!
  15. faith healer

    Dear God, While I don’t personally know Joe, You do, because You created him. God, whatever Joe is in need of, will You please see fit to bless and heal him? Make him better than new God. If medical staff needs to get involved to render treatment, I pray that You give the doctors, nurses and...
  16. Mechanic shop overcharging

    Depending on the instructions and whether they have illustrations included, it shouldn’t be too hard for the OP to follow along.
  17. Mechanic shop overcharging

    I also suggest that you play it safe and go easy on the car until you have a custom tune done. You can also double check the work he did against the instruction manual and/or various pics and videos on the internet to at least see if you can find peace of mind in the quality of the install. We...
  18. Mechanic shop overcharging

    Fuel pump install is super simple to do. It’s an hours work or less, so nowhere near worth $450 to do.
  19. Mechanic shop overcharging

    I’d go over the car with a fine-tooth comb to make sure the install is indicative of the price he’s charging you. If anything looks amateurish, I’d make that known to anyone, who will listen. I would also ask for all of my factory parts back that were removed to facilitate the install...