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  1. RIP Camaro

    I thought the same thing, until a coworker bought one (Blackwing). The thing rips, and has a pretty exotic exhaust note too.
  2. Long term would you rather…GT350 vs GT500

    The GT350 was/is the high water mark for S550 aesthetics, IMO, but given the choice for long term ownership it's GT500 all the way.
  3. 90% Selling the Bullitt

    A 911 Turbo S is my ultimate dream car, but they're a little too rich for my blood these days. A Cayman GTS 4.0 would realistically tick all the boxes. These days I'm more focused on buying all-terrain dock steps and boats and the Mustang sits and gathers dust more often than not, as would an...
  4. Buy what you can afford to fix

    Solid reasoning. A saying I coined, pertaining to when someone is whining about a menu item not being up to snuff, is: "It'll make a turd." That one gets some mileage at work with leftovers at lunch.
  5. intake manifolds

    Looks stock, can't really tell with the cover in place. However, the stock '16 cover won't fit the '18+ intake without some modifications. Click "mods" in my sig for more details... I'd wager it's stock.
  6. intake manifolds

    Earlier ones are silver on top as in the pic above....
  7. intake manifolds

    GT350 with TB adapter. More or less plug and play. And it will run on the OEM tune.
  8. Realistic value for my GT500

    Black stripes, or blue? Kind of hard to make out in the avatar pic.
  9. Bad news and good news....

    I get this, 100%. All five of my garage stalls are full (and then some) and I have no current intentions of building on a second property, but I want another old car. I love my lowly GT and all, but I don't enjoy working on it as much as the old stuff and it sits idle too much, thus it would be...
  10. Whats the best way to start your Mustang after Winter storage?

    Holy overthinking, Batman. Push button, start car. It will have near instant, full oil pressure as soon as it fires. It's worked for my '15 for almost nine years...
  11. Bad news and good news....

    Sooo....let's hear/see about these Porsches....
  12. New LMR SVE SP2 Wheels (PP2 Replica)

    I should really order a set of these to poke into the shop attic for the time being. I was doing a little pre-spring cleanup of my wheels and tires on the '15, and was bumming about all the rock chips in my tinted clear brushed M600s. Not sure how long my OCD will allow this. 🙁
  13. EV's.......... 😂😂😂😂😂

    At no point did I think the video would improve anyone's take, quite the opposite. It proved my current outlook on BEVs in this state. You can carry a concealed weapon here with a permit, but that doesn't make the isolated charge spots along this route as seen appealing. I've personally made...
  14. EV's.......... 😂😂😂😂😂

    Recent vid put out by one of the bigger Twin Cites news channels, plainly spelling out how well EVs work out in greater Minnesota currently. Mind you, the temps were in the high 30s when this was made. Far from a typical Minnesota winter. The video would have been markedly different back in...
  15. Too good of a deal - something fishy???

    Swap Mach 1 for a Dork Horse? Nah.
  16. Mach 1 is Better than GT350 ...

    Precisely why I owned both a '01 and '09... If only the '08-'09 would have had Coyote power, I'd probably still have it today.
  17. Motorweek Car of the year! Loved my S550’s but S650 not so bad after all.

    The functions of which won't be affected at all when a display fails.
  18. FPRS Mustang Gt Purchase

    Very cool. I was unaware that they did something like this back then with the lowly GTs.
  19. Inflation

    Other than the new building, outward exterior appearances would be the same. And I'd still dress like I'm semi-homeless.
  20. Inflation

    Funny, a friend and I were just talking about this the other day. Not much would change dramatically from current state if a giant pile of cash fell in my lap. My existing home would just get methodically gutted and upgraded room by room. And I'd buy out a couple of the neighbors and build said...