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  1. Ecoboost fender exhaust?

  2. Is Wengerd performance or Lund tuning good ?

    Never heard of either one. Flip a coin.
  3. Is Wengerd performance or Lund tuning good ?

    That's real bank to bank tuning right there.
  4. Manley H-tuff Vrs Molnar pwr adr plus

    Manley has a 3/8 bolt, Molnar has a 7/16. I have the Molnar rods, been 8.22 at 173 at 3850lbs.
  5. Updated MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon

    You have more $ in cleaning products than I have in my car!!!
  6. Oil Pressure Switch to Oil Pressure Sensor Conversion

    I have a 2016 base gt and have done this, sort of... My car was a 6r80 and have swapped to a th400. I swapped engine harnesses with a new one for a 2016 manual PP car. I did this for two reasons. It eliminated the 6r80 wiring and added in the oil pressure sensor. Oil pressure on data logs and...
  7. Drive shaft which one to get?

    With that outlook, no sense in doing anything if youre not boosted.
  8. Maxshine Curved Grip XL Detailing Brush

    @DFB5.0 you are truly on top of the detailing game! Is there a quick list resource on 6g for a detailing beginner like me to understand what products are good for specific tasks?
  9. Drive shaft which one to get?

    6r80 to th400
  10. Drive shaft which one to get?

    Had two Gforce alum driveshafts. First one bad, second one good. Had 1 qa1 carbon, good. Currently have DSS carbon, good. Car traps 173, smooth as glass.
  11. So the new gen7 whipple numbers are out........

    Great info right there. I'd like to do the m150 at some point. Have you worked thru traction control yet?
  12. Upgrading P1X to…

    Damn yall are stuck on that over spinning stuff LOL
  13. Turbo Build Coming Along Nicely

    Whoa whoa whoa. I must have missed all that! You got that thing rolling! Congrats on that.
  14. Voodoo short block with gen 3 heads

    I'm pretty sure those are discontinued. MHS can cut the OP a set tho.
  15. Kenetic Crank Saver and Whipple MFP Crank Support

    I agree with this. Both arp bolt and kinetic stud will offer more clamping force than oem bolt. The stud being better of the two options. @J17GT if you end up buying both options and the stud does not work, let me know and I'll buy it from you. That way you are only out the cost of the bolt.
  16. Kenetic Crank Saver and Whipple MFP Crank Support

    Really need to have both the arp bolt and kinetic stud in hand while taking measurements. As others said, the mandrel could take the place of a washer in theory. General rule of thumb for a bolt is thread engagement equals diameter. I personally would want 2x diameter in this application. The...