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  1. AMR Wheel Offset Question - Wheel Spacers?

    I would assume that they are going to be an aggressive fit already and won’t need spacers. If they are selling them specifically for the Mustang and from a place that specializes in Mustangs, I think you will be happy.
  2. R1 Concepts Brakes

    I have never run them personally, on one of mine. I’ve always used either Baer or Brembo. I wouldn’t expect a big difference over the Brembo that I assume are on your Mach. Since you don’t track the car, personally, I would just upgrade the rotors for the visual and leave the stock Brembo’s...
  3. New to the 550 world,need help understanding various options on a 2020 GT.

    If it says 18 under optional, then it has the optional, upgraded wheels. They have a few different wheels available in 18 & 19. The car seems well appointed since it has Carbon Fiber package and Alcantara. Any photos? It’s also one of the best colors. Good luck on your search
  4. Ford...Quality is Job 1

    That’s what warranty is for. It sucks that they will have to mess with the factory paint and blend it, but at least it won’t cost anything. Just make sure to check out other paintwork they have done before you allow them to fix it. If you aren’t happy with what you see, take it to a different...
  5. What is this Interior piping?

    Does it light up or just sitting there? I’ve seen something like it and it was just a thin plastic material, you can get it on eBay. It has a thin edge that slides into the cracks to be held in place
  6. Information Bar - Help Needed

    It should disappear on its own after a few seconds. It will do it each time you change station or song, etc.
  7. Shelby series 2 coupe

    Very cool car! I almost bought a series 1 several years ago but we just couldn’t come up with a price we were both happy with. It was a very cool car to drive and definitely an investment car, but I would have driven it, 100% for sure. I can’t stand cars that are put away for future value. If...
  8. I think I castrated my Shelby….and I’m not happy about it

    I had a Roush that I did the same with. The shop called to say they were dropping the car off to me. I waited outside when I knew they would be near by. As soon as they pulled into my development, exactly 1 mile from my house, I heard it. Car came home, I hated it. Gave it the night without...
  9. 10-12k Over Oil Change, am I screwed?

    As everyone has said, you’re fine. It’s not ideal, but no harm, no foul. Since you drive so little, you should just get in the habit of changing it once a year, at a time you will remember. Pick your Birthday, or something like that. The fact that the tech said no oil was showing on the...
  10. No lift shift ? How bad is it for stock trans/ clutch vs aftermarket ?

    Thanks for the interest. On top of a super hard clutch, no power steering or brakes! It’s a beast to drive. Still fun, just difficult. I’m not 18 anymore and the steering wheel is so skinny and huge, I feel like it will snap. It’s a wonderful memory and I wouldn’t do anything else with it...
  11. No lift shift ? How bad is it for stock trans/ clutch vs aftermarket ?

    I had a 23’ Mach1 I just sold. the Vette is basically 100% original less wear items. It really had low miles on it until a few years ago when my Dad “loaned” it to my Uncle. He put about 9k miles on it. I actually just got it back from him about a month or so ago. It’s nearly impossible...
  12. No lift shift ? How bad is it for stock trans/ clutch vs aftermarket ?

    That sucks! I actually have the same car and same trans. It’s been in my family since new. My father never used the clutch and we still have the original clutch and transmission in the car. It only has about 20k miles. Hopefully they will find your car someday. I had a car stolen back in the...
  13. No lift shift ? How bad is it for stock trans/ clutch vs aftermarket ?

    Personally, and I may be completely wrong here, if Ford has it as an option; there is no limitations stated on using it, it shouldn’t hurt. If you follow the instructions and use the function properly, the car is doing what it is supposed to do without causing harm. If it were harmful, Ford...
  14. The Beautiful Shelby GT500

    Beautiful! Love the contrast between the two colors!
  15. Asked AI to create wallpaper for my new phone

    Pretty cool! Scary, but cool.
  16. Giving it to my youngest daughter

    There is a man who loves his Girl! I would do the same. She is a lucky Girl! Just make sure she understands what she is getting so she can respect the power.
  17. She's Finally Here! Need Opinions

    It would have been my first red car that would have been driven often. I had a red Ferrari, but red was never my choice of color. The M1 just looks perfect though. I also had to stop driving manual. The M1 was my attempt to get back into it. Unfortunately, didn’t work out for me. I truly...
  18. Dash cam

    This^^^. Just for ease of install (you can do it yourself in 20 minutes) and the fact that it totally blends in and adds zero clutter. I use them in all my cars and have never had an issue.