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  1. Who uses CTEK MXS 5.0 for their winter trickle charger/tender?

    Hence why you hook up to the battery positive and chassis ground…just like the manual says, and what I’ve been repeating….so yes I’ll keep laughing.
  2. Who uses CTEK MXS 5.0 for their winter trickle charger/tender?

    It won’t damage the car or anything by hooking up to the battery but eventually the BMS won’t have a clue what the state of charge is and once the battery ages out you could find yourself with a dead car and Murphy’s Law says that’ll happen at the worst possible time lol. It doesn’t take any...
  3. Who uses CTEK MXS 5.0 for their winter trickle charger/tender?

    And how would that happen? The BMS affects alternator charging, it can’t shut off your external charger. That’s simply not how electricity works 🤣 Battery saving mode shuts off items in the car that draw amperage.
  4. Who uses CTEK MXS 5.0 for their winter trickle charger/tender?

    Yes. The battery management system has sensors on the ground to determine battery status. If you hook up to the battery directly your bypass the BMS and confuses it as your state of charge doesn’t match what the BMS expects to see.
  5. Who uses CTEK MXS 5.0 for their winter trickle charger/tender?

    The positive to the battery tightening bolt and the negative to the chassis ground on the strut tower.
  6. Custom License Plate Illegal??

    I think you should, and then get back to us with results🤌
  7. Disabled EQ with forscan, what would you do next for upgrade?

    This so true. You don’t realize how much better your car can sound when you change just one thing.
  8. Custom License Plate Illegal??

    I already said I don’t care about what my plate looks like so no.
  9. Custom License Plate Illegal??

    Yep, all this. The two states I’ve lived the longest are Montana and Florida. Florida has over 120 approved plate designs and Montana has nearly 200. edit: I just checked Florida DMV and they are close to 200 plates as well.
  10. Custom License Plate Illegal??

    In Florida the registration lists what numbers or letters are on the plate and the month/year it was paid up to. Doesn’t say anything about color of plate, what specialty design you have, or any other identifying features. So my plate always matches my registration. Now I don’t give crap about...
  11. Custom License Plate Illegal??

    Each state had their own laws so while your anecdotal result applies to you, it doesn’t automatically apply across the entire county
  12. A review that’s going to upset some folks

    The market has definitely exploded in the last few years so it’s no surprise many are jumping on the band wagon and trying to cash in. I try to stick to brands that have been in the game a long time and continue to innovate without telling the world they are doing so. However, there are a few...
  13. Custom License Plate Illegal??

    As with all things in the legal realm, social media is the worst source of good legal advice. Why don’t you call your local tax collector office (or wherever issues your plates) and ask them.
  14. Carbon Fiber Addicts Anonymous Thread

    I’ve ordered a couple exterior pieces from them but haven’t received all of them yet. They’re very communicative though.
  15. SOLD: OEM GT500 Base Car Cover

    Only put on the car twice, in perfect condition and comes with storage bag. $265 shipped and fees included - SOLD
  16. A review that’s going to upset some folks

    I follow a lot of detailing pages on YouTube, most them have high follower counts but how they address products and reviews is more important than popularity. So, for your F11 Topcoat diehards, grab a tissue.
  17. Updated MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon

    I too am happy to see MTM updating but agree it looks like a bandaid. I have both the PF22.2 and Griots Boss and currently I like the Boss more due to its weighted pickup and easy fill and cleaning access. I haven’t noticed any significant increase in soap usage with the Boss, maybe I’ll run a...
  18. Kilmat sound deadening project

    Random guys? lol ok. I wouldn’t count the engineers at JL Audio, Mark from CAF, and others with hundreds of thousands of followers as “random”. But hey, it’s your money…and companies like Resonix and Dynamat spend hundreds of thousands on their own “research” to add to their bottom line in...
  19. Kilmat sound deadening project

    It actually is that simple, again they’re selling a product. Check unbiased car audio YouTube pages…I’ve yet to see one who doesn’t share this philosophy of diminished returns.