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  1. I just knew I picked right!

    Good to hear about so many good running Mustangs. I still am filled with joy when I go for a ride in my 2020 Ecoboost HPP Mustang. I say to Ford , Keep the good times rolling.
  2. Engineered Motorsport Solutions Inc. Reintroduction

    Thanks for the reintroduction. It is nice to know someone out there is focused on the Ecoboost.
  3. Goodbye EcoBoost

    Congrats on your trade. I think you will continue to be pleased with the GT. Good you had two years of fun with the Ecoboost. I am still enjoying my Ecoboost.
  4. Impressive showing at Daytona

    I do agree the Mustangs had an impressive run at Daytona. I would love to go in the pits and hang around the Mustang team cars.
  5. My2023

    Good to hear someone is getting a 2023 HPP Ecoboost with a 6 speed manual trans. I bet there wont be many built with the manual trans.
  6. Ship my Mustang to Japan for month long vacation?

    I would leave my Mustang at home in a nice garage. I would appreciate driving my Mustang all that much more after missing it for a month. I think it would be fun to rent different cars and see what they feel like. Just think of all the money saved by not shipping a car over sea. Could spent...
  7. Rear Tires

    That number 1 on your car sure looks good. Best addition I have seen on a Mustang this year. I hope you find tires you like.
  8. Back in a Mustang

    Congrats on getting a Mach 1 with the handling package. A really great find and beautiful Mustang.
  9. Brand New And Broke

    Farley is aware of Quality Control issues. He recently fired the head of quality control and made quality control number 1 priority at Ford plants. Farley is not afraid of making changes at Ford.
  10. 2023 IMSA Daytona, Mustang GT4 Wins

    Congrats to Harrison Burton and Zane Smith on winning the Daytona GT4 race. Congrats to Ben Rhoads on setting a track record for fast time during the race. Nice to see the GT4 Mustangs off to great start this year. Congrats to Ford Performance on a great win.
  11. High Performance Ecoboost Registry

    It looks like the High Performance Ecoboost package has sold quite well. I wonder how many 2023 Ecoboost High performance manual transmission Mustangs will be built. As you all may know the 2023 Ecoboost Mustang will be the last year for a manual trans Ecoboost Mustang.
  12. Whitetail Buck Totaled my 2020 GT Premium 401A... What to do?

    I would wait and see what the 2024 Mustang looks like in person. It will not be long before the 2024 Mustangs are at the dealers. I am betting the OP will fall in love with the 2024 Mustang when he sits in one and takes a test drive. It is hard to not like the advancements made in a new...
  13. 2022 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Nittany_Hawk , nice picture of your Mach 1. The puddle light image of a Mustang on your garage floor and the refection of the image on your Mach 1 has to qualify as best picture of the year. Well done. Does your Mach 1 have the Handling Package ?
  14. Fastest and quickest Ecoboost in the world!!

    The engine looks real good without an engine cover. Racers have a way of cleaning up the appearance of their engines.
  15. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    I am not convinced Ford will stop building Mach 1 Mustangs before mid March with the handling package option already ordered. I dont think anyone knows for sure that Ford will be unable to get enough handling packages from their suppliers. We shall wait and see until the end of March.
  16. ROUSH guys!!!

    I think you get what you pay for. Roush provides a product that is a step or two up from a regular Mustang. If you want more performance , Roush will build it to perform well.
  17. Just ordered ZL1 Side skirt extensions

    I am impressed how well the skirt extensions look on the Mach 1.
  18. Buying these Ford Performance Wheels for my Mach 1

    OOOH ! I love the new hood. What brand hood is it ?
  19. 2021 Mach 1 owners kit listed for sale

    Whats not so great about the tow hook ? Please explain.
  20. Hellhorse Performance Customer no Service

    What product is Hellhorse know for ?