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  1. Borla S-Type full catback with active valve Exhaust for sale OKLAHOMA

    I am trading vehicle into a dealer, they dont care what type of exhaust, however I do not have my factory. I just put this exhaust system on back in september. Looking for anyone local in the oklahoma area that would like to purchase my full catback Borla S-type exhaust with active valve black...
  2. Where to sale my mustang?

    Where do you all suggest I post my mustang for sale, I have on autotrader.com but was wondering where else would be good to list it. Am I able to make a thread on here to sale it or is that against forum policies?
  3. 2020 5.0 Clutch ?’s

    So on my old mustang I enjoyed a level 2 sports clutch from steeda that was very hard/not as easy to push in and let out I think is best way to describe it. I dislike the factory clutch in my recent bought 2020 5.0. Is there any recommendations on another clutch or part for factory to make it...
  4. Borla S-Type Exhaust

    I have a 2020 5.0. Installed full catback Borla S-Type (didn’t go with ATAK as wife didn’t want too loud) wish I would’ve went with Atak maybe now as the s-type doesn’t seem to have the deep rumble at idle that I really want. Sounds good when open throttle. Just deep idle. It does have a x—pipe...