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  1. Aftermarket Convertible Subwoofer Box

    Morning, I finally have had enough of the stock B&O system and am starting out my build plans to upgrade the sound system in my 2019. Does anyone know of an aftermarket sub box that will fit in the trunk? Doesn't appear to be a whole lot of options for these cars from what I am seeing, so I...
  2. Georgia WTB: 18-20+ GT Aftermarket Catback

    Looking for any of the following cat-backs for an 18-20+ GT. Doesn't matter if coupe/convertible, going to have a custom exhaust shop do the install: Borla Stinger/ATAK AWE Touring Magnaflow Competition Corsa Xtreme MBRP Street Would need shipped to zip 30004.
  3. Non-PP GT to PP1/2 Front Splitter

    Looking to do a conversion on my NON-PP 2019 GT to a PP1/2 Front splitter combo setup. From what I understand you can mate up the PP2 splitter to the PP1 splitter, but have read mixed results on doing it to a NON-PP. Here are the parts I am looking at to do the conversion, can someone spot...
  4. 2019 Mustang GT Custom Exhaust with Borla ATAK - Possible?

    Hey Guys, New member posting, long-time lurker. I just picked up a 2019 Mustang GT Convertible and really have my heart set on the Borla ATAK setup after hearing many setups. I'd like to run the ATAK mufflers/catback and have them run through a Steeda Hpipe (or similar) and remove the Xpipe...