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  1. Colorado GT350R Carbon Fiber Wheels FS

    $6900 (lowered price to move these great wheels) 2019 GT350R carbon wheels with Michelin Cup2 tires. There is not much tire life left but wheels are in very good condition. I only used these wheels/tires during the summer months of 2020 and 2021. There are some very light scratches on the...
  2. 2019 GT350R carbon wheels, Forgestar wheels, and MGW shifter for sale

    Now that the insurance company has paid off my totaled 2019 GT350R, I am selling the remaining parts: Carbon Fiber wheels - $7800: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/2019-gt350r-carbon-fiber-wheels-7800.179056/ Forgestar wheels - $1100...
  3. Colorado MGW shifter for GT350 - $350

    Incudes shifter ball. This is the first generation which I bought a few years ago and it just sat in the garage.
  4. Colorado Forgestar CF-5V wheels with GT350 offsets, with Bridgestone g-Force Comp 2 A/S - $1100

    275/40-19 square. I only used these for occasional winter and are in good shape with typical wear. The tires have decent tread left but are about 4-5 years old. I prefer local pickup, but could remove the tires and ship the wheels.
  5. Colorado 2019 GT350R Carbon Fiber Wheels - $7800

    Carbon wheels with Michelin Cup2 tires. Not much tire life left but wheels are in very good shape. I only used these wheels for a few summer months of 2020 and 2021. I prefer local pickup. Or I could remove the tires and ship the wheels. They come with TPMS and OEM lug nuts.
  6. Drive without TPMS? You could lose your car

    My TPMS started to fail a couple of weeks before I planned to switch to track wheels/tires and I did have any plans to leave the city. But then I had to drive an hour to a funeral and on the way home a tire blew off. With a bare passenger side rear wheel, I lost control on the highway, hit...
  7. Colorado GT350 MGW shifter (Gen1) - $400

    My cost was $507, including a Gripper Ball, selling for $400 including shipping in the original box. This has sat in my garage in the original box since Jan, 2018 untouched, except for taking these pictures.
  8. Traded up to 2019 R

    Just traded in my AG 2016 Tech for a PB 2019 R. I had been upgrading my car (transmission cooler, Android auto, etc) but decided to take the fast route to a real track setup. My Tech transmission cooler works as good as the one in the R but is a lot noisier and I figured would get even louder...
  9. Added a transmission cooler, thanks to this forum!

    This forum is extremely helpful. Before the GT350, I never got under a car. The first time I ever did an oil change, exhaust modification and now the cooler addition was all on my GT350. Here is my installation info, hopefully it helps others. Below are the parts I used. This kind of...
  10. Just got an used GT350

    It all worked out in the end...Last year, in Colorado, every dealer I talked to wanted $10K+ ADM which I just couldn't stomach. So this year I started looking at the new Boxster and what do I find on the used car section of the lot - an avalanche gray with black top and 4900 miles! And no ADM...