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  1. 2018 GT low rpm engine rattle, cylinder damage pics, Ford buyback process

    I can hear the rattle more and more. 40000 miles, 3 years. I m fed up, i was wondering if i will buy it at the end of the lease. The answer is no. I bought a tesla and looking for a convertible toy for summer (porsche) but no more mustang for me
  2. 2021 Mach 1 Colors Thread

    I have some difficulty to be sure what jet fighter grey look like. In some video pictures it looks white and some other there is a litrle tint of green. One more color that is difficult to have in picture
  3. Mach 1 hood and ppf film

    I like to protect all the front of my car with paint protection film. But with the big sticker on the hood that a big part is mat black these kind of film will make it shiny. The other option will be to cut off the protection film in this area. I don t know what it looks like after, and this...
  4. Magneride daily driving car

    Thanks a lot for the details. So best comfort or handling in most driving condition seems interesting
  5. Magneride daily driving car

    Thank you everyone, it gives me an idea. Last question, what is the replacement cost of magneride ? Is it a reliable part ?
  6. Magneride daily driving car

    Good point it s a part of equation that is important
  7. Magneride daily driving car

    to be honest i find mine confortable in normal drive but not tight enough in twisties. So it could be a good improvement for this. I hope in the other way it could be more confortable in normal driving. It s dofficult to try one here in Canada. Dealers usually have a little inventory that you...
  8. Magneride daily driving car

    I did a search aboit magneride on the forum but my answer if it dles exist is burried in mutilple subjects thread. I have a 2018 GT onvertible. I m satisfied with the comfort for every day even in bad road it s not so bad. will i get more comfort with magneride ? Some other cars that have...
  9. Air lift suspension

    It can be a good idea. But one issue is in the public road and the other one is th angle in my driveway. I have to think very carefully what and where to put it
  10. Air lift suspension

    I saw some kit, around 500$ plus installation. But may be not for gt 350.
  11. Air lift suspension

    is there some people that installed air lift supsension on their Shelby gt350 ?. I need a liitle more ground clearance sometimes. It s not to drive fast with higher suspension, just when i park the car
  12. Clutch hardness ?

    Thank you it helps me a lot.
  13. Mach 1 pics from track tour

    at 1min 11 and 6 min 32 you can see the mach1 that the OP posted
  14. Mach 1 pics from track tour

    the orange line ,I guess
  15. Mach 1 pics from track tour

    Thank you, do you think it s the grey fighter jet color or white ?
  16. Clutch hardness ?

    At the gym i need to workout my left leg for sure. And what s the point how long in heavy traffic i can support a manual
  17. Clutch hardness ?

    I have never driven a manual mustang. I m thinking of may be buying one. Since i live in a big city with some heavy traffic sometimes, i wonder how hard the mach 1 clutch could be. Will it be stiffer than the average transmission, or stiffer than the actual mustang GT ? It s not an easy question...
  18. Passing from convertible to hard top

    I like the shape of hard top mustang. I have had 2 convertible GT mustang since 2016. I m a bit tempted to go with the hard top seeing the mach1 but i m not sure. I use it all year long as a daily even if i live in Canada. I need your opinions . Thanks