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  1. New Mexico Velgen Forged SL7 Mounted on Michelin PS4S

    Bump! These are already mounted, ceramic coated and ready to go! Ready for a buyer!
  2. So the new gen7 whipple numbers are out........

    Shame, I wonder if in a perfect world without emissions standards and pollutants what motors would have been capable of producing. Big blocks with 1500hp???
  3. Tesla and Ram top the list.

    Haha thats what I said! And the reason why we don't hear about the nissan altima driver is because their uninsured. So they have no data to go off of!:cwl::cwl::cwl::cwl:
  4. Tesla and Ram top the list.

    Well to be fair if you think about it, who's driving Mercury's? Probably retirees. We'll assume mostly women. If you compound that with the fact that you hardly ever see any mercury's on the road you have a recipe for the perfect driving record!!! :cwl: :cwl: :cwl:
  5. Help me decide on wheels

    I'd go with velgen SL7's which i happen to be selling....😏😏😏 comes with PS4S's
  6. You are a fool if you street race

    I'm in my 20's. I'm around this stuff all the time unfortunately. The culture around sports cars nowadays is tied to peoples ego. Here in ABQ we had a guy in his 40s racing and hit a bus full of school kids. Luckily no deaths but some injuries. The problem is a lot of people buy these things...
  7. BMW people; what's their obsession with Mustang GT's?

    Having had both I don't think its a car thing lol......It's mostly a fun thing to do. Or if you spent your life savings on a car and mods an ego thing. Most other car communities see the mustang GT and BMW communities as major D-bags anyways! Anything is getting smoked by a soccer moms Tesla...
  8. Next Car?

    Me too! I didn't think any car could look more aggressive then the 18 and up s550's but in person this car is so sinister looking and wide that it makes the mustang look tame in a way. I got the standard seats! The Carbon buckets are surprisingly comfortable but was a hassle to get in and out...
  9. Next Car?

    Loving it so far! Likes: -Geared better then the mustang. (car is also a 6 speed) -No misaligned panel gaps -Better overall quality both interior and exterior -Technology (also a con will explain in dislikes) -Faster -Fun to drive and will let you drift if you let it -Wow factor, lots of...
  10. New Mexico Velgen Forged SL7 Mounted on Michelin PS4S

    That's fair! If you want we can arrange a meeting in a public place if they aren't sold yet! PM me if your interested!
  11. New Mexico Velgen Forged SL7 Mounted on Michelin PS4S

    Willing to ship brotha!
  12. Next Car?

  13. Next Car?

    Thank you! She's definitely a beauty!
  14. Next Car?

    Since I started the thread thought I’d share what I got! Still a MT 6 speed!!!
  15. New Mexico Velgen Forged SL7 Mounted on Michelin PS4S

    Still Available! Make an offer!
  16. New Mexico Velgen Forged SL7 Mounted on Michelin PS4S

    Bump!!! Still looking for reasonable offers everyone! Willing to ship!
  17. New Mexico Velgen Forged SL7 Mounted on Michelin PS4S

    Still available everyone! Someone make an offer!