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  1. What happened to “Is this a good deal? (Not sure if these threads are allowed)”

    I had been following the above thread and the entire thread is missing, has it been removed? Strange
  2. Back again….

    So I never got to buy the 2016 that my Username was designed for but…...After selling my 2020 GT in Feb I have gone through a couple different vehicles but still had the Mustang in the back of my mind. After running some numbers I am back in another S550. I had intentions of waiting for the...
  3. Virginia Steeda Minimum Drop Springs New

    I purchased these new from Steeda and they have not been removed from the packaging. They are in New Condition. $210 free shipping to lower 48. (heavy box) 555-8223 Part Number
  4. Virginia Soler Performance Throttle Controller

    SE0622-TC DLX BLUETOOTH® THROTTLE CONTROLLER FOR FORD MODELS All information contained here https://www.solerengineering.com/ford-motor/se0622-tc And here: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/introducing-soler-prf-dlx-bluetooth-throttle-controller.169275/ Used for less than 500 miles...
  5. Virginia Grabber Lime Bumper Plugs

    These are special order and require a larger group order to fulfill before Bumper Plugs will produce. New, never taken from the plastic. $35 free shipping.
  6. Virginia OEM Reverse Lockout for shifter

    Just need the plastic reverse lockout from an oem setup. Thanks
  7. 2022 Prices?

    Just curious to know if anyone who has ordered a 2022, was there a price increase with MSRP from the 2021 model? Lastly is there still a $1000 incentive for ordering the 2022? Thanks
  8. 4.09 Gears in 2019+ M6 questions

    Hello and thanks for any input. I am researching the installation of 4.09 Gears into a 2020 GT M6. As I understand it 2019+ will require a tune of some sort. Can anyone comment on the value of this mod assuming I do no labor and estimate cost at $1500 installed plus a tune? No drag racing...
  9. Virginia CJ Pony 1” Wheel Spacers

    1” Spacers from CJ Pony Parts. Excellent condition, used less than 500 miles. Installed with anti-seize to avoid and sticking or corrosion. Replaced my wheels. Located in Chesapeake Va. $105 free shipping to lower 48.
  10. Virginia 2020 19” Polished Pony Package Style Wheels and Tires

    Used for 4900 miles, excellent condition. No curb rash or chips. Wheels are Ceramic Coated. Tires barely worn and all have same tread remaining. Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season. 255/40/19. Includes TPMS and OEM lug nuts. Located in Chesapeake Va. local pickup only. All look the same and can...
  11. Virginia WTB 19” OEM Hyper Silver Wheels

    Looking for a set with no curb rash or imperfections. Thanks.
  12. Why so much fraud?

    I have listed a request in the WTB section. In the last 24 hours I have had 3 contacts that are fraudulent. Some forums require a minimum number of posts before a Conversation/PM can occur. At minimum an intro post. What can be done to diminish this fraud? The person contacts me and asks me...
  13. Virginia WTB PP Dash Panel Trim

    I am looking for the Performance Pack Dash Trim in excellent condition with no broken tabs. Thanks!!!
  14. Bilstein B6’s Sold Out- What is the next best option

    2020 GT Non PP After hours and hours of reading I chose to buy the Bilstein B6 shocks and struts to accompany my Steeda Minimum Drop Springs. After ordering I was informed that NOBODY could get the front struts until March. So what would be my next best comparable option. I am leaning...
  15. Necessary to Clock the suspension with Steeda “ Minimum Drop Springs”?

    I am installing the Steeda Minimum Drop Springs at some point. I read the 18 page clocking thread and it was advised that if only dropping 1/2” clocking was not necessary. Any opinions to contradict that? Thanks! Post 156...