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  1. Best way to sell local

    And that is what I'm dealing with. Either they have no idea what these parts are or they are just immature/inexperienced buyers. It is getting annoying and I'm about to just toss them into a dumpster and call it a day.
  2. Best way to sell local

    ***This isn't a for sale ad. Yes, I'm selling but I'm looking for advice on how to sell to local folks.*** I have some parts I want to sell but they are almost all too big to ship (at least not economically). Yard sales almost never work as these are very specific parts. Forum is bad because...
  3. Best way to sell parts local?

    I have some parts I want to sell but they are almost all too big to ship (at least not economically). Is there a good place to sell these where there are S550 folks looking to buy parts? Stuff I'm selling: Set of MMR wheels Anderson Composites GT500 bumper and fenders Verus Engineering diffuser...
  4. New Holley Intakes

    I just emailed Performance Designs and they stated that it fits all models. So now I'm double curious about the intercoolers. When they mentioned the intercooler part because moving the intercooler to intake versus the front of the engine is interesting.
  5. New Holley Intakes

    I don't do the facebooks. But thank you for responding :) I'm not really sure actually. I would think from a tooling perspective, they would prefer to keep things as similar as possible and make the absolute necessary changes to be able to connect to the appropriate engine. That being said, I...
  6. New Holley Intakes

    Anyone have any idea what the weight differences are between the Holley low-rise and the CJ? I can't find a weight for the Holley. I imagine it is significant in regard to "its heavier" but I'm not expecting anything extreme. Also, anyone use one of these?
  7. Why does this look weird?

    Oh I'm sorry. It's the pad. I'm not sure why I never noticed this before. I always assumed there was a piston there
  8. Why does this look weird?

    As in it will look better or worse? So far they are performing good. Never noticed how much of the backing was exposed until now. 😁
  9. Why does this look weird?

    What is going on here... Looks weird to me. Different pads but this doesn't look right
  10. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    Don't do it Rob! I did that to a car I tracked and regretted it come summer. I drove it to and from track as well as stated in the car between stages. Never realized how hot a car got until that summer 😂
  11. Replacing/rebuild AP Racing ring

    Time to replace my pads and rotors. My preferred mechanic isn't available but another was recommended. They never replaced the ring on two piece rotors. "It's not rocket science" was his exact words. I'm trying to reduce downtime/cost. I rather not leave my car on a lift waiting to ship them out...
  12. Frankenstein heads

    Anyone seen data on what Frankenstein ported heads will add power wise? I'm thinking it's probably all top end gain with bottom end loss which means it will pair well with a CJ and high RPM cams. Though it's a guess since I've never seen anyone dyno a heads only swap. The Gen3 engine shootout...
  13. install headers without tune

    I did on a GENII engine. Many said my engine would die, bad things would happen. Worst thing that happened was a check engine light (even with green cats). I dyno'ed but I don't recall the numbers. I remember it was just shy of my goal. The gains are linear with what tuning results get. In other...
  14. Steeda Mustang Adjustable Competition Rear Sway Bar (2015-2022) - Now Available

    Bump since I just saw this and watched the video. This will induce understeer no matter what bar you are running. What setting is recommended with the dual comps?
  15. The New Cobra Jet Intake Manifold!

    Anyone know if this is higher, lower, or the same as the older one?
  16. USAA was great.. Until they you need them

    For years I never had to use them either. Last time was about eight or so years ago. Great, professional, informative. Now it's been bad to worse. Courteous but inattentive, present but not helpful. Multiple subpar vendors cutting corners, bad service, zero accountability... What the heck...
  17. USAA was great.. Until they you need them

    Short version: USAA used to be great, now they are a cheap insurance that doesn't deliver. Long version: I'm at my last straw with USAA and just wanted to know if it was just me. It's fine until it's not on and then it's impossible to resolve anything. House claim - utter nightmare...
  18. Highest mileage 18-19

    If I may ask, how much boost and with what type of setup? I have heard that these cars hold up well with boast less than 10#. Greater than 10#, it seems like a gamble. I beat mine almost daily but mine is highly modified. Good to know stock held up well.
  19. Loaded 3.31 diff in to a boosted 3.73 PP car..

    I corrected my speedo with my NGauge when I went from 3.15 to 3.73. The only built Super8's I have seen are 3.15, 3.55, and 3.73. I definitely prefer the Torsen over Traction-loc which left me with 3.55 and 3.73. If I were to do it again, I would rebuild. There are some really awesome gear...
  20. Borla Switchfire + S Type Axle Back Brief Review

    A sound that would cause a Prius to soil itself. Very nice.