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  1. Lethal Perfomance's 18 Days of Christmas SALES START NOW!!

    Are there any restrictions on the site wide 10% off sales on the 22nd to 26
  2. GT350 with GT500 Rear Bumoer

    just get the gt500 valance vs the gt one
  3. GT350 with GT500 Rear Bumoer

    also had to do this to the new bumper
  4. GT350 with GT500 Rear Bumoer

    had to buy new bumper support, valance ,marker lights, reflectors and the lower diffuser bolt holes are a bit different but I was able to make it work
  5. new cams just showed up

    Still waiting
  6. Finally got around to putting on the catback

    2018 bumper swap and gt500 carbon tip borla system so now it 3 inches from the turbos all the way back
  7. Hellion sleeper help

    looking at the steeda k member for my sleeper gt350 does it keep the front horns to mount the angle iron support for the intercooler?
  8. New hood finally open

    Been on the fence about this hood can you see if there is any extra clearance between the intake and the hood trying to fit a cobra jet without lowering the motor
  9. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build (+ "Phase 2")

    yes and inside the weep hole you can see the threads of the stud inside the muffler
  10. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build (+ "Phase 2")

    That's what it looks like I went ahead and got the borla with the carbon tips took a month after ordering and when I pulled them out of the box one was missing the stud for the exhaust valve I ended up finding it inside the other muffler rattling around looks like they dropped it in there and...
  11. Rear end project is done!

    Did you have to swap the lower control arms use the gt350 springs?
  12. Vented Catch can

    The fat fab kit is pretty great for the money
  13. Cobrajet intake manifold dyno

    how much did you lower it with the steeda mounts want to do this with my hellion 350 but dont want to lower the turbos anymore
  14. Cobra Jet II Vacuum Leak

    Off topic but did you have to lower the engine for the hood to close
  15. Project RATTLESNAKE: Building A Better Swing / Gurney

    when will we be able to order the rattle snake and does it come in matte carbon
  16. hellion sleeper radiator clearance

    Who has a hellion sleeper kit with an aftermarket radiator did you have any clearance issues with the scavenge pump hitting the fan shroud?