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  1. Header Coatings

    Mine is about 2 1/2 years, but only about 10k miles but still looks like the day I installed the headers. Had I known how much it helped with temps, I would have done the ones on my GT350 as well.
  2. Throttle bodies

    Spacers are useless. A throttle body may gain you 3 Hp. The GT350 one is probably the most reliable option, but requires an adapter. I probably wouldn’t mess with it unless you were doing a ported manifold at the same time.
  3. Exhaust question: Catless LTHs + Corsa active extreme too loud. Looking for options

    I’m in the same boat with my Whipple’d GT350. Catless ARH long tubes with Corsa valved exhaust. When the valves are open it’s embarrassingly loud. I’m thinking about adding a pair of these into the mid pipes. my GT also with a Whipple, has cats and a Magnaflow Competition cat back and I’m happy...
  4. Header Coatings

    I have 2 S550’s. Both with Whipple’s and ARH headers. One I had the chrome look ceramic coating done on, and that car has noticeably less under hood heat.

    I have the Whipple CJ CAI on my GT350. I also have a PNR ice tank on that car and while it looks better and adds power, my GT with the closed box Whipple intake has much lower IAT’s
  6. 10 rib vs 6 rib

    6 rib is just fine. Don’t need 10 rib until you’ve got a built short block on e85 making 1k or more.
  7. Roush Carb/Warranty 22-23 released

    Whipple is CARB legal in CA as well, makes more power at lower temps and has more room to grow. Roush doesn’t even compare to to Whipple, let alone on the gen 3‘s.
  8. Anyone have a GT350 on 20" 6GR 7spoke wheels with 305/30 20 F and 315/30 20 R setup? Please post pics if you do!

    20x11 +27 and 20x11:5 +56 with 305/30/20 all around lowered on BMR handling springs
  9. I'm considering getting the Roush phase 2 super charger for my 2015 GT automatic vs buying a gt500 or hellcat.

    That doesn’t mean that there aren’t better options, or that all the options aren’t better.
  10. Headers worth the money for daily driver on e85?

    Read the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. Adding headers or tuning does not “void your warranty”
  11. I'm considering getting the Roush phase 2 super charger for my 2015 GT automatic vs buying a gt500 or hellcat.

    Every other positive displacement supercharger available for your car is a better choice than Roush. Whipple, Edelbrock, VMP Odin, Magnuson or Kenne Bell would all be better choices.
  12. What would happen if you put in 6gallons of E85 and 6gallons of 91octane in a stock GT, no mods.

    If you have to save up for a tune, you Probably shouldn’t take the risk of hurting your engine by running fuel/mixtures that the car isn’t tuned or originally designed for. If you want to run e85 or a blend, get a tune for that.
  13. Best 21 GT intake manifold upgrades

    I doubt MPF (the designer and manufactures of crank supports) would call VMP trustworthy.
  14. ON3 Turbo Kit recommendations?

    Curious about your opinion that a single turbo kit can make the torque of a supercharger with ”limitless” power that a supercharger can’t match. What single turbo do you plan on going with that has no lag and can support 1200+ rear wheel like an out of the box Whipple can do with no expensive...
  15. Vortech V3Si kit noob questions

    Yes, with a fuel system and ID1050x’s you’d just need an E85 tune to go back and forth. My GT350 is set up that way and I don’t have to change pulley or belt to change fuel, sust load the appropriate tune. I also run ID1050x’s on this car with the 3-625 pulley it makes 757 on poor quality CA 91...
  16. Vortech V3Si kit noob questions

    There is a chart on Vortech’s website with all their head units max impeller speeds and power ratings, but you get the most efficiency out of a super charger in the 75-80% range of their max impeller speeds. After that you see diminishing returns per pound of boost.
  17. OPG/CS, what gears and what did you pay (if you had someone else do it)?

    There’s different opinions on material choice, strength that Can come with brittleness or softer material that can wear more quickly. I’ll probably wear out bearings, rings and pistons more frequently than most normal people, so those as wearable items aren’t a huge concern. I’ll also be sending...
  18. Vortech V3Si kit noob questions

    OPG and CS can be a polarizing point of discussion. On my GT I opted not to when I did the Whipple instal on my GT I wasn’t planning on super high rpm’s, bouncing off the rev limiter, installing a WOT box or 2 step etc, but the new motor I’m building for that car absolutely has them as does my...
  19. Orange County to Las Vegas on E85

    That app has been less than reliable in my experience looking for e85