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  1. finished my Sync 3 hack for custom backgrounds

    Finally got around to hacking the Sync 3 using NaviUpgrades' tutorial on youtube and Fmods background mod using forescan. turned out good.
  2. All aluminum exhaust finished!! 23lbs!

    I’ve been looking for ways to shave weight and the exhaust is a pretty good chunk. I’ve ran dumps at the track, but the sound and vibrations are absolutely horrendous. I looked at titanium and prices are ridiculous, so I reached out to Herfurth Aluminum Racing Mufflers, for a set of their...
  3. Stock Sealed Coyote runs 7.90@170

    Anyone see Manuel Gomez and Midnight Performance run a 7.90@170mph on a stock sealed motor with twin turbos? Pretty damn impressive. I'm sure it's on the ragged edge and on borrowed time, but they have a built motor ready and just wanted to see how far they could push it. Not sure if they're...
  4. OOF! 325/50R15 Squeezed into an S550

    Well after months of measuring, testing parts, ordering parts, then more measuring and math. I finally have a combo that fits. RC Comp Exile-S 15x11.25 beadlocks with 325/50R15 MT ET-R’s Weld Full Throttle 18x6 with 28x6 MT Frontrunners AED Billet Knuckles Custom Wilwood setup All the BMR...
  5. New Drag Pack - 15's!!!

    Parts are slowly starting to come in. Can't wait to get everything together and put on. 18x6" Weld Alumastars 28x6R18 Mickey Thompson Sportsmans 15x11" RC Components Exile Beadlock 28x13.50R15 Mickey Thompson ET-R AED Billet rear Knuckles 1320 Wheels Billet Lugnuts ARP 1" longer wheel studs...
  6. GT500 “in transit” turned to “in crash”

    Anyone expecting a green one soon? May be waiting a little longer. "A Ford F-350 Super Duty hauling several cars on a trailer jackknifed, causing the trailer and the cars it was carrying to flip over onto their sides on the Northbound I-75 highway in Detroit."
  7. Ford Performance WEREWOLF block

    Anyone seen the specs on this yet by chance? They have it at PRI. Looks like a very beefy cast iron block. Obviously weighs more, but should be able to hold an ungodly amount of power.
  8. Username change

    Mods, Please change my username to CORNYOTE if available. Thank you!!
  9. Special Order Build data correlation

    I've been reading and trying to correlate data throughout this whole section to find estimations of how long things take. Can anyone that ordered a car, throw their data in here please? Not even sure I have all the sequence of events, if not, please fill me in. ORDER PRIORITY - DORA DATE ->...
  10. Whipple ‘19 and shitty gas

    So my 2019 GT 10R80 is on order through Ford and I’m dead set on a stage 2 whipple charger. I plan on using Lund for tuning, but after discussing the fact that stations only carry 91 where I am, things took a downward turn lol. Based on the compression ratio of these engines, the 91 would...
  11. Just ordered my 2019 Velocity GT stage 2 whipple

    Just ordered via Beechmont. Got the DORA yesterday. Pretty damn excited. 2019 GT Velocity Blue 10R80 301A Black accent package Active Exhaust 3.15 gears Stage 2 whipple Billet Oil pump and sprocket Lund Tuning and Ngauge Plan to add the 12” LCD cluster as well