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  1. Rob Shoemaker leaves PBD

    But it does include the device. Not only does he have the device selected, he also has E-85, Aftermarket Manifold and Credits. There is an additional $800.00 selected over the base tune file. Rob is priced on par with everyone else in the industry. I doubt he would want to shoot himself in...
  2. Lethal Performance- Spend Your Money Elsewhere

    Hey, there. Give me a call Tomorrow and we’ll get this figured out for you. I’m sure Nick was doing his best working with Pypes, but I will get on the phone with them and see if we can get this ironed out. I apologize for the hiccup along the way. Matt
  3. Cost of Lund E85 Tunes

    What Jons5.0 said is correct. When selecting the E85/Flex option they will start with pump gas, and then get you into Flex. Once everything is dialed in, they will send you the dedicated E85 file. If you do want the cammed tune option, they will give you the option on what Fuel you want it...
  4. NEW: Lethal Performance S550 Lip Protectors - Not just for the Dodges anymore!!

    Not sure why it'd be a joke? We saw how popular they were in the Dodge crowd and jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on the Mustang market. After spending countless hours in R&D, we finally have a product we're happy with. If you need any additional pictures of the product to help with...

    The BDX will be limited to what Intakes they provide tunes for. If you are happy with your current file, I would just check with them to see what they cover before ordering anything. If you are open to the idea of a custom tune to go along with the Intake, give us a call. We'd be glad to go...
  6. Lund nGauge or Dyno tune!?

    A Lund Tune is hard to beat. Even with your local tuner specializing in Mustangs, the $750 difference is a pretty large difference for being N/A, even with Dyno Time. If they are as familiar with the car as they should be, it shouldn't take them long to get it dialed it, so that for me...
  7. 2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Master Thread

    You know who to get ahold of! Shoot me a message or give me a call, majority of Corsa is in stock and ready to go! :cheers: Matt
  8. 2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Master Thread

    While we don't have a "sale" for this Black Friday, we will be doing our Golden Skull giveaway again. If you are not familiar with it, one lucky person has a chance to get refunded for the nGauge purchase during Black Friday. We will randomly select one customer and change their loading screen...
  9. 2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Master Thread

    Well that's no good, sorry to hear that. We've been on it all day, and orders have been coming in. Could you shoot me a message with the errors you're receiving and what browser you're using? I will have our team look into it and see what's going on. Matt
  10. 2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Master Thread

    Shoot me a message on the STB. We should be able to take care of ya. Matt
  11. 2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Master Thread

    MGW is a great shifter, but you can't go wrong with either choice. My personal opinion would be the MGW X Spec with Gripper Knob, such a clean set up. We will have a nice deal on Diode, but that will be for our Promotion in December. Feel free to shoot me a message if you would like to...
  12. 2017 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Master Thread

    Just walked in the office. Let's make some deals. If you don't see it on the list, I'll find you a deal!
  13. Corsa Headers

    They are still not available to purchase. Corsa is getting close to releasing them, but they'll be a few Months away until they are ready to ship.
  14. Can't decide on KB or Whipple

    Whipple all the way. Fit and Finish is among the best out there, and out of the box they make an extremely well put together kit in both parts provided and tuning. With the new Gen 3 Rotors you'll be able to make some decent power without trying to hard. Give us a shout if you have any...
  15. might trade my16gt for a stage 1 17 have some ?

    Congratulations on the new car, sounds like you made out pretty well.
  16. My Whipple Stage 2 results on mustang dyno

    Much better! I bet that was a sigh of relief, haha.
  17. Strongly considering a gt350...

    Better idea is to just buy ours, haha! Leave it supercharged, or just pull it off and put it back N/A and get it for an even better deal once you sell off the Blower.