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  1. showcase

    ok, searched.... how do i post new pictures into my showcase now? thanks :crazy:
  2. 2018+ GT swayers

    so what's the consensus on swaybars? brands etc.... i'll take any feedback. seeing a bit of sliding rather than the car biting in some tight corners. now i realize it could just be tire grip and I've gotten to the end of what the street tires will provide. thanks
  3. BMR

    curious to hear if anyone has had any contact from BMR? i've tried every avenue of contact since i order over a week ago and can not get any response on a timeframe for there vertical links. doesn't show anything shipped so assuming it's on backorder. not very reassuring on my first order....thanks
  4. 2019 factory subwoofer removal

    looking to see if anyone has instructions on removing the factory sub? ordered the tail light seq modules from diode dynamics and need it out of the way to install the pass side plug. thanks
  5. front bumper side pockets

    so can someone tell me if these are supposed to be open on the PP1 cars? thanks
  6. hoods 18+

    so what's everyone's choice for keeping the hood float down to a minimum at speed? thing is moving all over the place. aftermarket or other wise just not a comfortable feeling. thanks
  7. any

    so not having them yet i wanted to ask those that have a 305-19 or larger tire, no biggie on the sidewall height if you have noticed any issues in regards to MPG, deceleration or noise level due to the larger size? thanks
  8. GT jlt intake

    i have a brand new jlt intake i have decided not to install, i bought it from a guy who did a supercharger and didn't need it so i am asking for what i paid for it plus shipping if need be. $275 +shipping if not local
  9. resonator delete

    looking for feedback from 2018+ gt owners with dual mode exhaust that has done the resonator delete with feedback on interior noise. better, worse....thanks
  10. stainless flex brake lines

    so what is any is everyone running for a stainless flex brake lines? didn't see the 18+ model year listed on goodridge's site. saw the fronts from stoptech. thanks
  11. wheel lugnut

    so was just reading through the thread's and noticed someone mentioned lugnuts and after leaving to check the car i don't have a lugnut nor wrench to remove the wheels should i need to do so. is this something i need to buy or should it have came with it? i have no spare just the compressor kit...
  12. houston shops

    so what shop are you houston guys using for installs etc... from springs and alignments to clear bra, whatever you have let me know. thanks