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  1. Looking for part numbers

    Having a heck of a time finding these two parts. I need hose #1 and hose #2. Could anyone help me find part numbers for these?
  2. Indiana Vortech V3 900hp Setup (2018+)

    I am considering changing the build this winter. I have a lead on a different car so this one needs to go back to stock. I am only willing to sell this locally for now, but if I don't get a buyer in a couple of weeks I will consider shipping. Includes full setup to boost your coyote. FIC 1000...
  3. Indiana WTB Automotive Decals, Stickers

    I've got a neighbor who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. He loves cars and has automotive stickers all over his toolboxes in his garage. He's now bedbound but he's been missing his mancave a lot, so his wife thought it would be a fun idea to bring it inside. She bought shop shelving...
  4. Indiana WTB 1000+ injectors, Boost A Pump, Catch Can (Maybe Supercharger?)

    Looking to buy some decent injectors, a boost a pump, and a JLT catch can. Open to package deals if you've got a supercharger kit for a gen3 you're willing to part with.
  5. Moving on - Supra 3.0 Premium First thoughts

    I sold my mustang last week. Mostly a crime of opportunity, I got an offer on it I just couldn't turn down and decided I wanted to move on to a GT350/R or a GT500. I searched local inventory and was disappointed in what I saw, so I started looking a bit more into other cars that interested me...
  6. PP1 wheels on a pp2 car

    Will pp1 wheels fit on my pp2? I have an opportunity to buy a winter setup at a decent price but didn’t want to make the drive if they wouldn’t fit
  7. Indiana 2019 Mustang GT PP2 premium under 8k miles

    Found out the wife is pregnant.. fitting one kid in the mustang is no problem but getting an infant in/out in addition is not something I'm interested in doing very often. I don't want it to sit, but I know I won't be driving it much over the next couple of years. It's a 2019 PP2 premium car...
  8. Indiana WTB stock 18+ headers

    Title says it all. I'm in Indiana but will pay for shipping.. looking for stock headers/cats have corsa on right now and do not like them.
  9. P0050

    My car has corsa longtubes. I've been getting P0050 recently. I'm happy to replace the 02 but I assume this is related to headers. Has anyone experienced this, if so, did replacing the sensor offer a long term solution? Edit: After some researching I have decided to order a new 02 sensor and a...
  10. Indiana Unlocked Lund Ngauge

    Asking $500 shipped. Includes OBD/Ethernet cable, SD card, and the mounting bracket. This is not married and ready for tunes. Located in Indiana
  11. Fuel system clarification

    I have a '20 GT. I've been reading several conflicting things about the need for injectors/BAP. Some websites/forums say that you have to have 1000cc injectors. Others say that because the car has 2 sets of injectors (Direct and port) it's fine up to about 700HP to leave them stock. Same for...
  12. Indiana WTB Fuel Setup

    Looking for a fuel pump booster and 1000/1050 injectors. Let me know what you've got!
  13. Budgeting a build

    I'm looking to make an entrance into forced induction. I've always ran N/A cars. I have about 5k "fun money" set aside - how much should I aim for saving before I start my build? I want to be in the 650-700hp range. Open to twin turbos or any type of supercharger. What would I need besides the...
  14. 2019 and 2020 4" to 8" Screen Upgrade + Drive Mode Toggle Switch Enable Writeup

    Edit: There are changes to the 2021 and newer models. Some of you may have to edit additional lines to unlock all of the features you want. I do not have a 2021+ car currently, so I cannot offer advice on those changes. Update: I can only speak for the 2020, but no additional wiring is...
  15. First Time Mustang Buyer

    (Indiana) I am looking for an '18 to '20 Mustang GT. Used prices seem incredibly high right now so I'm leaning towards brand new. I'm not even sure where to start, as I've never purchased a new vehicle before. I know the color/options I would like in the car. Black or Blue, 10 speed automatic...