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  1. Anyone try Removing the Chrome Trim Around the Taillights?

    I know tons of people who replaced their 15-17 taillights with 18-22 taillights and it fit right in, including some with 50th anniversary Mustangs as well. The chrome trim does not separate from the taillight housing itself so if you're looking to add the chrome trim around your taillights, you...
  2. WTB/ISO Matching UPPER and LOWER Grilles for 2015

    Looking to buy a matching set of upper and lower grilles for my 2015 GT. Preferably a mesh style grille, would love a set of authentic RTR grilles if possible with the LEDs. Open to whatever aftermarket grilles you have. Please no OEM grilles. LA/SGV area also preferred. Will pay for...
  3. Sunny Side Up

    Sunny Side Up

  4. BlackVue 4K Dashcam Giveaway

    Hi everyone! I've partnered up with BlackVue to giveaway a set of their 64GB DR900S-2CH dash cams. These are the newest 4K ones in their product line. I review the cameras here and just for you Mustang 6G forum members, you can skip to 9:52 for giveaway details :wink:. But, if dash cams are...
  5. Ducktail Spoiler from Clinched Install

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share my install video of Clinched's Ducktail spoiler. I know a couple people were interested in Ducktails, and I just want to show a different option from those already out there. This spoiler is made from ABS, requires 18 NEW holes in the trunk (your oem holes won't...
  6. Updated Info on AB1824 - SEMA's Response

    SEMA responded to all those rumors about modified exhausts and what not, so I wanted to share this video. I saw the other day a stock GT350 already got hit with the ticket which really freakin' sucks.
  7. 3 Shelby GT350s Doing Burnouts/Drifting to welcome 2019

    I have to share it, it's awesome! Happy New Year!!
  8. Photoshoot Scenery Areas

    Here's a video we did for this exact purpose. All of these spots are interchangeable with daytime too. Also, I know it's a Camaro in the video - that's my gf's. I drive the Mustang in this relationship lol.
  9. Ponies at the Pike 2018 - SHOW POSTPONED

    As many of us in SoCal know, this year's annual Ponies at the Pike was postponed due to weather. For those that don't know, Ponies at the Pike (in our opinion) is the west coast's nicest and highest quality Mustang and Ford car show. Unfortunately, the Beach Cities Mustang Club (BCMC for short...
  10. Diode Dynamics: No-Bake! Multicolor Demon Eye Kit for 2015-2017 Ford Mustang! USA Made! Plug & Play!

    We just put them on our friend's car! It's fairly simple if you're familiar with electrical on your vehicle, but a little challenging if you don't. Nonetheless, it's pretty easy to install! The install took us about 45 minutes, and maybe 20 minutes of that was getting the bumper and headlights out.
  11. Product vs. Product - A Brand New Series from the Engine Baes

    Moderators, please delete if this is not allowed. Simply wanted to bump in here and introduce a new series from the Engine Baes that I know a lot of people would appreciate as it's a huge money saver for the consumer. Product vs. Product (P.V.P for short) is a weekly online detailing show...
  12. Anyone try Removing the Chrome Trim Around the Taillights?

    After doing my research, I found that the chrome trim around the taillights is in fact plastic welded. So, if you were to forcibly try and remove the chrome trim, you would ruin the housings. I used this tint from American Muscle and it fit well on my 15 taillights WITH the chrome trim. Click...
  13. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2018****

    The one we posted on IG? Sorry for the delay by the way been a busy show weekend for me and Marly. In terms of the other video, I'm not sure if Marly intends to upload that to YT, but here's the Drivetribe link to it. I don't believe you need to be a member to see it there but I don't know for...
  14. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2018****

    Hi all! Here's a video of the NorCal x SoCal Cars & Coffee meet; Special thanks to our friends at @Need4SpeedMotors and @Project6GR Wheels for making this possible. Of course, big thanks to @klumpikat ,@Kona1869 ,@SC_Ruby and all others involved in the planning and organizing of the eventful...
  15. ****RUN IN THE SUN 2018****

    Wow, I've been a little disconnected from this. This is my official RSVP for RITS2018. It will be me and Marly. We will be joining the caravan in Woodland Hills on Friday and attending dinners 1 and 2.
  16. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Me and my friends were just talking about the GT500. Our friend is #3 on the order list for the GT500 (from Galpin) and our other friend is adding the 500 alongside his 350. [ame] I think overall, personally, I'm really excited about it. I'm interested to see how it performs against other...
  17. Molded Widebody from Stage 3 Performance

    Last week I went down to San Diego to check out this custom one-off molded widebody kit from Stage 3 Performance. I'm a fan of widebodies, prefer molded ones myself, but I just wanted to share this molded widebody s550. I'd love to see more pictures of widebody mustangs if you got one!
  18. YouTube

    How about sharing a bunch of gorgeous mustangs with you all? This was made at Fabulous Fords, SoCal's and probably the West Coast's biggest all Ford show. Take a look; [ame]
  19. Any Pre-Fab Fords Cruise?

    Hey guys, Totally forgot to share this with all Fab Fords stuff but check out my recap video; [ame]
  20. Fabulous Fords Forever 2018 Event

    Man what an amazing show, and it's massive! Thousands of cars attend every year - if you've never been and are a fan of Ford, you got to make time next year to attend. My team and I put together a little recap video if you'd like to see what it's all about! :ford: