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  1. Texas Stock Gen 2 intake

    Sure. Do you live in West (the city)?
  2. Texas Schroth QuickFit pro

    You can ask Schroth to make sure but it is labeled for 2015-2017 GT only. I can't imagine what the differences would be.
  3. Texas G-Loc Pads, R-10, R-12, R-16; $400

    bump. lowering to $350
  4. Texas Stock Gen 2 intake

  5. Texas Schroth QuickFit pro

    Used but not used if you know what I mean. Like new and in great condition. This is for the driver's side and 2017 or earlier. $400 shipped to the lower 48 in the US
  6. PPF- precut kit or roll?

    For those that did their own PPF- did you use a precut kit or a roll and then trim? Any regrets? Thanks!
  7. Texas Steeda Wheel spacers 1"

    Yes they are
  8. Texas 305 Nitto NT01 on 18x11 Apex EC-7

    I am sorry- I can't remember the offset. I am out this week but when I get back home next week I will check and post it here.
  9. Texas Stock Gen 2 intake

    This was the take-off from when I installed the Whipple SC. No guarantee that it is complete. Located in Waco TX. Local pick up only. $50
  10. Texas Stock PP Clutch- $20

    Changed it out when I put in a supercharger. Probably has around 50,000 miles on it. No problems when I took it out. Located in Waco TX. Local pick up only. $20 or trade for a case of Strawberry Dr. Pepper Zero (that stuff is good!) :)
  11. Texas PP Radiator

    Swapped out for a 3-row SVR radiator but didn't really need to do so. There's nothing wrong with this stock radiator but I would hate to throw it away. Located in Waco TX. Local pick up only. $20 or trade for a case of Strawberry Dr. Pepper Zero (that stuff is good!) :)
  12. Texas G-Loc Pads, R-10, R-12, R-16; $400

    I have some used pads for sale- Rear R-10's; 5 track days on them; lots of life left Front R-12's; 5 Track days on them; probably 2 left Front R-16's; only used for 1/2 a track day- They will fit PP/Brembo brakes $400 for all sets. Located in Waco TX but will ship for free
  13. Texas Steeda Wheel spacers 1"

    Used but hey it is still a 1" thick piece of aluminum. Comes with new lugnuts. $50 Located in Waco Tx but I will ship it for $15 extra
  14. Texas 305 Nitto NT01 on 18x11 Apex EC-7

    Hey guys- I have 4 Apex EC-7 18x11 with 305x35/18 Nitto NT01. I have about 6 track days on these tires and I suspect that there are 3-4 left on them. Perfect if you want a square set-up and try out the NT01's. I rotated these after each event. These are great tires but I decided not to track...
  15. Magnetic Numbers for HPDE

    I have been ~150 mph and my magnetic untaped numbers stayed on fine.
  16. Bringing Wheels to the Track

    I fit 4 305s in my car. 2 in the back seat folded down with one tire flat and the other is leaning on it at a 45 degree angle. One in the spare tire well and the 4th on top of the third. The plastic trim just inside the trunk needs to be removed to get the 4th tire in but it all fits and I can...
  17. Potential Clutch Issue? Lethal LPX-HD

    now you have me wondering. I have the same clutch but with a steel flywheel. I have no problems on the track but during daily driving I frequently (~10% of the time) I can't shift into (or out of) 1st or reverse. I have gotten used to coming to a full and complete stop, shifting from 1st and...
  18. What Sedan Would You Buy Coming From a Mustang GT?

    I just bought a slightly used BMW M850i gran coupe. OMG- what an amazing car. I also considered a Genesis G80. Nothing wrong with it, it was a nice car but that 8 series..... wow