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  1. Hood paint bubbles

    Mine is clear of it so far.
  2. GT350 LE...you don't see this every day!

    I sort of like and yet I understand "purist" not liking it. The way I look at it do what you want with what you buy and own.
  3. Illiminated Sill Plates

    I ordered mine today.
  4. True 50th LE Ownership input

    Original owner of 0035 with no problems except for the resonator starting to rattle at 500 miles on the odometer and I replaced it with a STEEDA X pipe.
  5. 50th LE option package questions

    I just looked at my window sticker and it is identical. I never took notice before. Definitely an error.
  6. 50th LE option package questions

    The only 2 options you were offered was color and transmission. Along with the car you were given a "Welcome Kit" supplied by Ford Performance.
  7. New owner of #1114

    Welcome from #0035!
  8. Great driving roads/routes in Ohio

    Coshocton, Wayne, Holmes, Tuscarawas, and Muskingum all have great routes.
  9. Deep Impact Blue 50 Yr. Edition in Central PA?

    The Limited Editions were only offered in Kona Blue or Wimbledon White PLUS each had a dash plaque that displayed the build number like mine which I attached a picture.
  10. best exhaust for GT????

    I have a STEEDA X pipe and axlebacks for my 2015 Performance Pack and love the sound. It is exactly as STEEDA advertises it "aggressive".
  11. Is there a 50th LE Registry anywhere?

    I would be more than willing to take over and share this information on other like forums for this model. I did see the information for #35 was incorrect and corrected it.
  12. Is there a 50th LE Registry anywhere?

    Welcome from #35!
  13. Ohio Thread

    The Mustang show at Summit is no longer from what I've heard.
  14. Predict the price, 18mi Kona Blue at Mecum Houston 4/10/21

    I think Barrett Jackson sold one this past winter for $55,000. I would sell mine in a heartbeat if someone offered me $55k!
  15. Ohio Thread

    Try Sarchione in Randolph.
  16. Predict the price, 18mi Kona Blue at Mecum Houston 4/10/21

    I agree on the seat inserts. Love my #35 though!
  17. Ohio Thread

    I'm from Tuscarawas county. #35 of 1,964 built. A few mod's but nothing major. I just now found this section!