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  1. Highest mileage 18-19

    just rolled over 90k last week. COVID brought a bunch of time working from home, helped slow the mileage a little.
  2. What can we do for You?

    Thanks! Ordered late last night.
  3. What can we do for You?

    I looked at JR3Z-14A411-H on the site, but the shipping makes it about the same price as buying local. Any discounts available on shipping? (I will be ordering 2)
  4. Vicrez GT500 Hood for 2018+ Mustang! (journal)

    Any idea how the vents/rain tray compare to factory? If one wanted to use the Ford Performance carbon fiber vent, or the 'Python' vent I saw on another forum, would they fit?
  5. Mustang stuck at rail yard for over a month?

    normally, i hate the euro style taillights, but they look fantastic on this car.
  6. Mustang stuck at rail yard for over a month?

    the advice is good, but the method is not. Do not clay a car that has fallout until after using an iron remover like ironx. This will get rid of any iron particles that would scratch more even with clay. After that it’s safe to clay. when I ordered my 2019, I made sure to give the dealer...
  7. Handling pack! Steeda

    FORScan has an option for this.
  8. Gas nozzle stuck

    the top tier has website lists Costco as a brand that has top tier gas. Sams, however, is not on the list.
  9. Stealth Edition 2022 Mustang Announced & California Special Adds GT Performance Package

    you can get that now from ford performance. I love that look, and did it on my car.
  10. Tanks Alot

    Yes, it uses the average MPG over the last several tanks to *estimate* the miles to empty. Why anyone would try to use that to calculate MPG I don't understand. There's a separate display for MPG, and if you want an accurate number, record mileage and do the math. There are also quite a few apps...
  11. Magneride feels floaty

    What drive mode? Any mods? My rear suspension seemed off, till I added Steeda stop the hop starter. I also switched to Pedders lowering springs, and ran in sport+ almost exclusively for 2 years. Recently, I decided to try normal on the Hwy for MPG, and by comparison to Sport+ it feels floaty...
  12. 2018+ Quad Exhaust Tips - Nicer Looking Option ?

    Oh man! A dark/smoked chrome would be killer! I hadn’t even considered that!
  13. Ford performance tune + intercooler vs Cobb 3 with Catted DP

    i don’t know specifically, but I seem to recalll something about needing adjustments to take advantage of the reduced pressure for faster spool, as well as adjustments to prevent overboost. The reduced pressure could lead to the turbo spinning to fast, which could cause damage to the turbo...
  14. Ford performance tune + intercooler vs Cobb 3 with Catted DP

    yeah, after i got to the shop, and saw some of the custom stuff they have done, i realized it was probably unnecessary.
  15. Ford performance tune + intercooler vs Cobb 3 with Catted DP

    I used this: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mpe-10778?cm_mmc=ppc-google-_-search-_-brands-_-keyword&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8Ymh6J7z6gIVReG1Ch3gBQmzEAAYASAAEgJWWfD_BwE I found it for $35 on amazon though. the shop welded it directly to the 2.25" pipe, and easily filled the gap with the weld.
  16. Ford performance tune + intercooler vs Cobb 3 with Catted DP

    you can remove the cover without taking off the strut bar, takes about a minute. spark plug change takes about 20 min. With a 70 mile/day commute, i still only have to do it every 4-6 months. not really a big deal. Also, pro-tunes recommend, but dont require the colder plugs, as they can run a...
  17. What can we do for You?

    definitely am. can you PM price/shipping to 30043?
  18. What can we do for You?

    If i've done my research correctly, converting to the GTPP belly pan, and the PP2 splitter would require both of these: Valance Panel Part #JR3Z-17D957-BA Valance Panel Part #JR3Z-17D957-CA So far, every place i have round them wants to rape me on shipping ($200+). I looked on the Levittown...
  19. How I improved the B&O sound quality for free

    Disconnected the center speaker, what an improvement! Also found that I’d somehow arrived at nearly the same settings. Would still love to hear your thoughts on the results of turning off the DSP.
  20. Apple CarKey

    it sounds to me like it’s proximity based like the fob. It allows the phone to essentially emulate a fob by emitting the same type (local) signal. It doesn’t seem like OTA would make sense because it wouldn’t work with no cell signal. Another bonus for some like me, no more carrying multiple...