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  1. Alabama FS: Unlocked Lund Ngauge tuner $450

    “Nobody wants one of these” bump.
  2. Alabama FS: 25mm aluminum wheel spacers $50

    Bump, will separate if you only want 2. $25/pair +shipping
  3. Alabama FS: 25mm aluminum wheel spacers $50

    All 1”. I’d love to keep them together if someone wants 4. You seem like the kind of guy that would want spares…make me an offer. $50 is pretty cheap for 1” spacers.
  4. Alabama FS: Wireless CarPlay adaptor $30

    I would assume so, this one was not listed as Mustang specific.
  5. Alabama FS: Wireless CarPlay adaptor $30

    Worked great, very few glitches. Bought off Amazon, don’t recall when but less than 3 months old. $30 plus shipping or local pick up.
  6. Alabama FS: BNIB ARP extended wheel studs and Monster open lug nuts $250

    Brand new, never installed 3.5” (1” over stock) ARP lug studs and Monster open end extended lug nuts. 14x1.5 thread pitch. $250 plus shipping or local pick up.
  7. Alabama FS: 25mm aluminum wheel spacers $50

    Don’t know what brand they are, came on the car. I pulled the lug studs out (were bolt on) to use as slip on, but don’t need them. $50 plus shipping or local pick up.
  8. Alabama FS: Unlocked Lund Ngauge tuner $450

    Lund Ngauge tuner, unlocked, ready to go. Comes with the cables and 2 mounts, the suction mount and a magnetic vent mount. No scratches, everything works. Will not separate mounts. $450 plus shipping.
  9. Alabama FS: Borla 3” X-pipe $100

    3” Borla X-pipe with 3”x2 1/4” reducers and clamps. No dents, good shape. $100 plus shipping or local pick up.
  10. Should these be backlit?

    I’m on my first Mustang (a 2020 that has a glove box light, btw), but having owned many F-150’s in the past I can say the 2014 was by far the nicest interior, materials and construction wise. I always bought Super crew XLT 4x4’s, with 6.5’ beds. I replaced the 2014 with a 2018, same exact...
  11. Confused about Lund tuning

    I live by the following rule: Go talk to someone on the street. Once you learn how ignorant they are, realize that statistically half the population is actually DUMBER than that person. Sometimes in business you have to mitigate your risk of underperforming or failing. There is a cost/benefit...
  12. Arkansas Unlocked Lund nGauge

    Bueller? Bueller?
  13. Alabama

    Hey just found the regional forums here. I’m in Baldwin County, anyone else in here on the Eastern Shore?
  14. Forscan info

    I’ve modded with Forscan my last 3 vehicles, 2-2018 F-150’s and now the Mustang. There have been recalls and TSB’s for the BCM‘s on the pickups, they never said a peep about having the codes modified.
  15. Does accepting a Cash & Keep diminish the car value?

    If it shows as a buyback then I’d expect a 25-30% decrease in value. In that instance I’d let it go and look for something else.
  16. Does accepting a Cash & Keep diminish the car value?

    Do they brand the title? If not then I doubt it really diminishes the value especially if it was a factory replaced new engine. In fact, to some buyers it might even raise the value to know the engine is newer than the car itself. Hell, my 2020 had the mega cap TSB done last October at 13,000...
  17. How would you rate the Borla S-type Catback on the loud scale?

    I have the Borla Type S, it was loud enough with the X-pipe that I bought the Borla resonator (I guess it has an internal crossover?) and now it sounds perfect. Aggressive deep tone at idle up to when you get on it, "barks" at high RPM, but not obnoxious which is what I would call some of the...