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  1. Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this rim?

    There is a wheel MAGIC by Vertini. Very similar Had it on my old car. Rears are very concave
  2. Well, add me to the unlucky list.

    Ouch. Im sorry about the car but glad it wasn't any worse and you are ok.
  3. Newly Bagged GT PP. Wheel/tire fitment help needed.

    Hit up @Need4SpeedMotors They have set up many enthusiasts with Air suspensions.
  4. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    Agreed, I think 110k is a bit much, especially when its not even a V8! I do like the molded in widening!
  5. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    This is still one of the hottest examples out there, to me at least. Sold at Barrett Jackson for 110k+
  6. Anyone seen a wheel design for the S550 similar to this?

    @rangerjoe33 Here are some that are close, not exact, but close :) Project6GR "10" Vertini RF 1.2 Stance SF07 MRR F6180 Rohana RFX5 XO Verona They should all be available from @Need4SpeedMotors
  7. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    @TomCat0197 The color of the rims against the red is fantastic.
  8. Kicking myself for not getting a DASHCAM. Another Hit and Run case.

    Im sorry brother. Same thing happened to me on my BMW. Had it for a month and some a$$hole hit it and left leaving an 11k damage to a brand new car. Insurance paid but I had to pay deductible and be out of my new car for almost 3 months 'till it was finished. No respect these days. You may...
  9. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    Im really loving the new front end refresh of the 18s. And particularly the white ones.
  10. GT SOLD Eibach Sportlines WTB

    @danielsam99 I have a brand new set in the box, never installed. I purchased to replace my Pro Kit set but never got around to change.
  11. I have a 2018 Shelby gt 500 coupe and didn’t know

    Congrats on being the 1st GT500 out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  12. Will a 305/35/20 fit on Eibach Sportlines

    I would go 295/35/20 Here is one lowered on Sportlines but on Velgen wheel. Keep in mind, Velgen uses the same offsets as the Vossen 20x10.5
  13. Check your aftermarket floor mats!

    As many have said already, the snaps, pins, or any other anchoring mechanism is key.
  14. What the heck is this under my tail lights?

    I was going to suggest to pull them out but looks like you successfully did. Glad it worked out.
  15. '18MY Saleen

    I like the new refresh design much better than the 1st S550 version. I thing the upper, lower and side(under headlight ) grilles should match better though. Would definitely consider one of these.
  16. Sad day indeed

    Glad it worked out for you and Ford took care of you. Good luck with your new ride in the future.
  17. I'm COMPLETELY deadlocked on color for '19GT Premium: OF vs NFG

    Im obviously a yellow guy but I like the orange as well. However, the green is a wild/fun color and its new. I would lean toward the green. Thats my opinion
  18. You think this company owes me royalties or what? Jk (They stole my profile pic)

    I dont think its a big deal. But that is just my opinion. It is odd but I would be flattered if someone used my car. The car is very nice, however it doesnt seem to be modded much and not sure why they would have picked it other than, again, its a nice looking car and photo. I wouldnt be...
  19. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    Just Right is an understatement.