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  1. What do you miss not having in the Mustang?

    electric seat back adjustment
  2. Welp this just happened

    Looks like a little mustang blood on the road. Dang, it's a tail light lens. Don't we all say we take our cars for better or worse, through sickness and health?
  3. General Car Question

    I also had a mazda 626 that would quit while driving. let it sit for 15 minutes and it would be okay. but it took about a year for mazda to diagnose. it was a failing capacitor in the distributor assembly that failed when it overheated. Never had that problem with any other car including my 4...
  4. Whipple GT no more M5

    "Fastang"! I love it. I am going to rename my car to that.
  5. Trying to get my car to hook.

    Give her some incentives. Add a bonus if she hooks more than once a night. And most importantly play with her some more. Buy her some new shoes. If that doesn't work beat her into the ground :)
  6. Battery Tender - Issue with 2016 GT ?

    My tender wouldn't charge a fully depleted/dead battery. Tried everything. When i finally got a new battery everything worked fine. Took the dead battery out and kept the tender on it. It finally started charging after 3 days.
  7. Sold PP2 and replaced it with PP1 Convertible. Wish me luck....

    What year is it? It doesn't look like the late PP1 wheels. I have a 2019 PP1 vert and it is very stiff. Maybe not like a coupe but almost.
  8. 2019 Mustang GT rpm

    Are you sure it is a GT? The ecoboost maxes out at 6500 RPMS.
  9. Engine randomly shuts off

    i had a similar problem with my mazda 626. Random engine shutoffs. Very scary. Mazda pursued it and found that it was a capacitor that was bad in the electronic distributor. Just a data point.
  10. There goes my bumper

    If its the other guys fault you shouldn't have to pay. Your insurance will cover the repair and go after the other guys insurance. Looks like about $1000 repair.
  11. Magneride and 401A MyMode question.

    I'm sure I can adjust my steering feel regardless of mode. I agree magneride can't be adjusted independently. The manual says: " Selectable steering defaults to Sport. Depending on vehicle configuration, you may be able to change the selectable steering setting by pressing the steering button."...
  12. Debating trading up to a gen 3 a10...

    You won't looks back. I've had 3 mustangs and the 2019 GT A10 -PP1 is the best one yet. Yes, one of the reasons I got the A10 was also so the wife can drive it. I have the 401a and AA and magneride. If you can afford it, those options do make a big difference. But when you test drive, do...
  13. Engine Tick Preventive Measures

    I got the tick at around 2500 miles on my 2019 GT. This was about 5 months after I bought the car new. I added "Liquid Moly - Anti-Friction Oil Treatment - 300 ml" the next day. The tick went away and has not come back. I'm at 5000 miles now, due for the first oil change. I'm going to have...
  14. What’s more important, 301A or 3.55’s?

    When I redid the gears on my car about 5-6 years ago it cost me $1200 all in at a local mustang shop. I'd go for the 301A also.
  15. Will my car start up fine?

    2019 owners manual: [for storage over 30 days:] • Change the engine oil and filter prior to storage because used engine oil contains contaminates which may cause engine damage. • Start the engine every 15 days for a minimum of 15 minutes. Run at fast idle with the climate controls set to...
  16. How To Learn To Use Paddle Shifters?

    I use track toggle mode and sport mode on the shifter. I also bring the active exhaust down to normal. Seems like the most aggressive daily driving experience. The drag modes for daily driving don't do it for me. Fun!
  17. Does your S550 have a name?

    The Beast. I don't name cars but the wife insists.
  18. Wrecked 2017 GT Premium

    Anyone else notice the critter nest in the engine compartment of your mustang?
  19. We gave up waiting on our 2019 GT

    "The only things we regret is the B&O stereo" Have you turned on the surround sound option? It makes a big difference.