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  1. Fastest and quickest Ecoboost in the world

    Jessie Ringley EMS (engineered motorsport solutions)
  2. Fastest and quickest Ecoboost in the world!!

    Jessie Ringley of EMS (engineered motorsport solutions)!!
  3. This Weekend!

  4. Transmission tuning ?

    This is my 3rd season running a 10R80 transmission on the 1/4 mile. (I compete in a "foot brake only" class and qualify on reaction time) My question is, what are the limitations of electronic tuning of my transmission. What have you and/or your tuner been able to do, to increase or modify the...
  5. Factory OEM 31 spline axles?

    I've been shopping for a second hand Torsen rear cradle. What I haven't found is information on axles. Are any of them equiped with 31 spline axles and if so, which S550 Mustangs came with both the Torsen rear differential and 31 spline axles?? Thanks
  6. How to read your ECU??

    What would it take for the advantage guy to read his ECU? I'd like to know the settings of my ECU before doing any tuning...
  7. Tuning for DA question...

    I ran at (5) different 1/4 mile tracks, in (5) different states, in (5) different months last year. And my car reacted differently each time! Is there anything I can do with my tune to get more consistent performance?
  8. NMRA 2021 Season Race #1

  9. Specs on OEM Radiator and Fans

    Does anyone have or know where I can get the specs for the factory stock 5.0 radiator and fans??
  10. Rear Brakes: Two (single piston) calipers??

    Both Aerospace and Silky advertise kits to add a 2nd caliper to the rear rotors of the Mustang... Has anyone installed these or other kits (including DIY)?? And were you able to keep your 17" wheels/tires?