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  1. Arkansas Unlocked Lund nGauge

    Unlocked and upgraded Lund nGauge with USB and OBD-II cables, windshield mount, and SD card. Excellent condition, no scratches or issues. $550, which includes USPS Priority shipping and PayPal fees.
  2. 4.56 Gears and QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    Today, I finally finished a project that has been nearly seven years in the making. I ordered my GT350 in September 2015, and before I even drove the car, one of the first mods I considered was to match the 8250 redline with a 4.56 gear. Since no one made any aftermarket gears for the Super...
  3. Differential Bolts

    I'm replacing my 3.73 rear gear with a 4.56 unit I built, and while the diff is out of the car, I want to do some upgrades. I'm planning to drill the threads out of the front diff bushings and use 9/16-18 4 1/2" grade 8 bolts for a bolt-through connection. I want to do the same on the rear...
  4. Rear Deck Speaker Enclosure

    I installed some free air 10s in the rear deck, and while they added a lot to the existing factory system, they're not ideal for tight, controlled bass. I can live with them, but I just wondered if anyone had seen or considered an enclosure that fits under the rear deck with woofers firing up...
  5. Arkansas WTB: OEM Carpet Floor Mats

    If you've bought a new Mustang and want to upgrade your floor mats to aftermarkets, please shoot me a price on what you would take for your factory mats shipped to 72032. I would prefer something from a Premium GT with the silver stitching around the edge, but not absolutely required. Also...
  6. Arkansas WTB New Premium OEM Carpeted Floor Mats

    Prefer the mats with silver stitching, but open to offers of any new (or barely used - no wear) OEM floor mats. Send pics of what you have, please.
  7. Arkansas WTB New OEM Floor Mats

    Looking for new take out OEM carpet floor mats. Prefer silver stitching on later models and rear mats if available. Thanks!
  8. GT350 Header Install Notes

    There are several how-to threads, videos, etc. out there, and there's a few threads with bullet points. This is another one of those specific to the GT350 and Kooks headers. Header brand will change some of the minor points, so keep that in mind (i.e. I've read that the starter won't go back...
  9. Custom Floor Mats

    Anybody know where I could get a set of floor mats with a simple logo like these?
  10. Sync 3 Upgrade Parts

    PRICE DROP! I have a few parts left over from my Sync 3 install. One NON-NAV APIM from a 2017 Escape (2017 Fusion part HS7T is SOLD). I have the VIN number so you can add the vehicle to your owner.ford.com account for Sync 3 upgrades. $175 shipped I also have a SAT ACM from a 2017 Ford...
  11. Transport Mode Enable?

    Guys, weird question: is it possible to *enable* transport mode? I've read about what it is and how to disable it, but I'm also wondering if there is a way to enable it. If not, is there some other way to keep the engine from being overrevved and/or driven hard?
  12. Initial Thoughts

    I took delivery this week, and the car was everything I thought it would be...and more! It's really an interesting combination of muscle, refinement, technology, grit, beauty, and brutality. To me, the most accurate description of this car can be summed by the elegance of First Lady Eleanor...
  13. Brake Calipers

    Strange request, but can someone measure the approximate length and height of the Brembo logo on the front and back calipers (assuming they are different sizes)? My car won't be here for another couple of weeks. When it does get here, I'm going to paint the calipers with G2 and need to figure...
  14. Shadow Black Tech Pack - $5k ADM

    Central Arkansas area. ETA at the dealership is 1/30. PM me for details. Not sure how negotiable the price is, probably not much. They started out at $15-20k a few months ago. :doh:
  15. Window Stickers

    Most of the window sticker links have been removed or rendered inoperative by Ford. However, I've still had success with the http://www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin= link, obviously adding the proper VIN at the end of the URL. Typically, the sticker is only available...
  16. GT350 Allocation Map

    This map contains point information based on the ZIP codes of dealers that have received their allocation and associated VIN numbers that have been assigned a build date. The base map is the Ford Sales Regions. EDIT: Updated 10/18, blue dots are GT350s, red dots are GT350Rs EDIT: Updated...
  17. Shelbys Anonymous

    Every single participant of this forum that has a GT350 on order is checking here daily if not hourly in the vain hope that someone will shed some light on some sort of change in the status quo. In the meantime, it's apparent that we are eating each other alive over ADMs and puddle lamps, so I...
  18. Southern 500 Pace Car

    Looks like a GT350 has its first race tonight! :headbang::ford:
  19. GT350 Tires

    Anybody know what brand of tires is pictured on the car on Ford's configurator images? Definitely not Pilots on either the 350 or the R.