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  1. Is there a graphical description of the body changes throughout the model years?

    I am about to purchase a 2020, to replace my 2016. I noticed that the hood on the 2020 is very different than that on the 2016. Is there any one place that I can see the changes throughout the S550 platform?
  2. Tune or not ?

    I am going to be asking some more basic questions. to date, I have changed the fuel sensor, added the Airaid tube and high flow filter. Turbosmart vr2 here, but not yet installed. Catted down pipe, and resonator delete are on the way from CVFab. UPR catch can is also on the way. ACCELATEC...
  3. Odd Voltage readings

    Does anyone else pay attention to the volt meter? I am seeing odd things happen, it seems to be speed dependent. When I am coasting at highway speed, the voltmeter climbs to 14.2, under throttle, hard acceleration it drops to 12.xx. In the old days (I am an old bastard}, a fully charged...