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  1. Need built block info and suggestions

    Wow! Nice slam TeeLew!! Didn't mean that to be a negative comment, just wishing a fellow member good luck and congratulations. PS: The issues between Ryan and myself has more to do with EMS then PD. My Ecoboost Mustang is a 1/4 mile track only drag car. And EMS is who sold me the total...
  2. Need built block info and suggestions

    Congratulations on getting your motor up and running!! Hope you have more success with PD than I did! As for the NX2 and air intake, I've chatted with several tuners (on line) and they claim that they perfer the stock intake, due to the ease of tuning. Custom intakes are too time consuming! Good...
  3. Rear Gear - did some research

    Which transmission and what modifications do you have? My track only (1/4 mile drag strip) 2018 Ecoboost Mustang is equipped with the 10R80 transmission and 3.15 gears. I've had a lot of (pre-3000 rpm) tuning issues, so my data isn't what I would like it to be. But when I launch at 1750 rpm, in...
  4. Can I install NX2 turbo and CVF catted downpipe without a tune?

    Just FYI, If you look at the Tune+ web site, they state that for high horsepower, your need to add thier Port Injection kit and for mid horsepower, you need to run a minimum of 30% ethanol. No mention of EPA/CARB or being legal in all 50 states.
  5. Precision-Turbonetics NX2 turbo EcoBoost build thread

    I have the same mods, but used a different tuner and a different vendor I'm having all kinds of problems, my motor runs lean and hot. I've had to add auxiliary port injectors and a piggyback controller, to get enough fuel. Maybe I picked the wrong (Ryan Martin via EMS) professional tuner and the...
  6. Can I install NX2 turbo and CVF catted downpipe without a tune?

    Sorry, but it's just not that simple. If you want to add a downpipe and big turbo to your motor, your going to have to feed it with more than any tuner can get out of any legal device. Ask an Ecoboost builder/tuner, what ECU/Controller they use on thier cars...?
  7. Can I install NX2 turbo and CVF catted downpipe without a tune?

    Thanks for the input! Your right, I was running lean and hot until I brought in my secondary port injectors (using a piggyback controller). Based on my data logs the primary tune had my direct injectors tapped out, until I got that extra fuel, then things started to settle down. I'm trying to...
  8. Precision-Turbonetics NX2 turbo EcoBoost build thread

    Didn't know that kit was still available?? What is your question?
  9. Can I install NX2 turbo and CVF catted downpipe without a tune?

    To answer the original post concerning tuning after installing an aftermarket Turbocharger: Here's my time slip, after installing a new Turbocharger and loading the NX2 tune from Ryan Martin via EMS. Even the best tuner can't (using the software, he was required to download) make the...
  10. Can I install NX2 turbo and CVF catted downpipe without a tune?

    Haven't you been keeping up with your Cobb newsletters? The party is over, no more cheap horsepower! Cobb has done what a responsible company should do, Respect the law! And inform the public, thier customers, of the changes being made and why! And it's not the end of the racing world, you can...
  11. Can I install NX2 turbo and CVF catted downpipe without a tune?

    Now, in Cobb's defense, they make and sell an excellent product! And some killer OTS tunes! I myself have had success with the Cobb OTS tunes, both on the street and at the track!
  12. Can I install NX2 turbo and CVF catted downpipe without a tune?

    Your 100 percent correct! I've read many a post, where guys of tried load tunes over their Ford Performance Tune and have had major headaches! And the Cobb stage 2 tune has no, or very little, advantage over the Ford Performance tune. Other than the data logger, Cobb does have an awesome data...
  13. Can I install NX2 turbo and CVF catted downpipe without a tune?

    Stop the check, get your money back!I I have the same setup! And the same tuner can't get my car to run right!! Per another Authorized Cobb Dealer and confirmed by a Cobb representative: If using a new (post 2022) Accessport, your Tuner can only make stage 2 modifications, due to EPA and CARB...
  14. IAT with upgraded IC

    Here's a few pictures from a Ford manual.
  15. IAT with upgraded IC

    It's a bit confusing.... and could be both or neither?? or a combination of serval sensors including, but not limited to the IAT, located near/at the air filter box?
  16. IAT with upgraded IC

    Awesome, keep us updated on your Interchiller install, plenty of pictures!
  17. ign corrections stock map [log]

    Yes, of course! In other parts of the world, cars are tuned while on the Dyno, with the Tuner sitting in the cockpit, making live adjustments. This is where most of the documented data, used by builders, tuners and racers, comes from. Small displacement forced Induction motors have been modified...
  18. IAT with upgraded IC

    I'm thinking of doing something similar, but instead of transferring the heat from air to water, water to refrigerate and refrigerate to air, my plan is to wrap my cold side charge pipe with 3/8" refrigerate tubing (starting at the top, near the thottle body and stopping at the bottom, near the...
  19. IAT with upgraded IC

    Not Impossible! I've been wondering if this is a trick question? Is the car equipped with an "Interchiller", not an intercooler, an Interchiller. Forced Induction of Australia, builds an Interchiller, which uses your cars a/c system, to deliver below ambient temperatures.