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  1. My poor 2010 GT :(

    No idea what happened, but was feeling nostalgic and did a quick search on the VIN (1ZVBP8CH7A5155019) of my 2010 Mustang GT which I'd done a lot of modding to before trading it in on a 2015 Mustang GT (PP1). I traded it in out of Tallahassee, FL and it somehow made it to Abilene, TX. Not sure...
  2. PSA - Check Your Transmission Drain Plug / Lug Nuts

    I had read a post on Facebook recommending folks check their manual transmission drain plugs as the person works as a Ford service manager and has seen a few Mach 1's with loose plugs, as I was taking my Mach 1 in for an oil change this morning I asked them to check mine. I was called out to...
  3. Shout out to Steeda!

    I want to thank the fine folks at Steeda for their hospitality when my brother and I drove up from Tallahassee to have H-Pipes installed on our Mustangs, they gave us a tour of the facility and let me tell you that place is awesome! My brothers is the 2019 blue GT and mine is the 2021 Mach 1.
  4. Mach 1 Road Trip Review (1400+ miles in 3 days)

    So I picked up my Mach 1 in the Boston area on 3/9 and on 3/11 I left for the Tallahassee area in my new Mach 1, it was a bit nerve racking for me to drive that far during what most would consider the break-in period but I did my best to alter my speeds and avoided using cruise control. It had...
  5. Check for Shipping Blocks

    After watching the Stangmode video where he was getting new tires and they noticed the shipping blocks were still in place I made sure to look on mine upon picking it up from the dealer. The shipping blocks had not been removed on mine either. So, do yourself a favor and just take a quick...
  6. 2021 Build & Price appears to be up for me.

    Title says it all, here's a screenshot..
  7. Potential for earlier delivery?

    I'm due to be out of the area when my Mustang is scheduled to arrive, what would you say the potential is that it arrives earlier than 2/24? :fingerscrossed: I have a window sticker and the dealer told me they expect it on/around 2/9 but Ford's tracking page is saying 3/4.
  8. COTUS - Notify Me Option

    Ok Ford, here's something you need to implement STAT! Add in a "Notify Me" option that allows those of us hammering COTUS to just enter in our email address and be notified when the status changes. I can't be the only person hitting COTUS dozens of times throughout the day hoping for an...