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  1. More media doom and gloom BS

    If you want to be happy, don’t watch the news…
  2. Anyone Due To Take Their Front End Off (Or Have A Front Bumper Bar Off The Car) ?

    I can’t see the pics for some reason -
  3. Insurance Increases ?

    I'll give them a try :thumbsup:
  4. Insurance Increases ?

    I receive my renewal notice today. It was £513 last year and the renewal jumped to £911. To say I'm not very pleased would be a definite understatement. Anyway, I went through the routine of online quotes from various comparison websites etc and the cheapest I could find was £950 give or take. I...
  5. 2022 Carbon Traps

    There wasn’t one in mine. I checked when I fitted an oil separator and I might even have posted a pic taken from the air filter end.
  6. Best Dealer to Buy New Mustang?

    The OP. Just curious why he wants a different dealership from his first two cars. Some are crap, some are so-so and you can live with it, or maybe he just wants the best experience 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Best Dealer to Buy New Mustang?

    How was the dealership experience of your current car ?
  8. Rear splash guard kit for Mach 1 ?

    Excellent. Thanks !
  9. Rear splash guard kit for Mach 1 ?

    In the UK we don’t get the rear splash guards on the Mach 1. Do you do a kit which includes left and right splash guards, screws and clips ? The part circled in yellow below in case you call them something else.
  10. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S front tyres

    Tread width can vary across the variants. You can check this on Tire Racks website.
  11. Ding sound from gearbox.

    You won a prize.
  12. Polished the turd

    We used to get the Monaro and later HSV’s (VXR8 GTS) here in the UK but rebadged as a Vauxhall. I always liked them but couldn’t afford one at the time.
  13. Considering removing all factory mach1 stickers.

    I removed the hood stripe and can’t decide about the sides….. 🤔
  14. Trade the Mach 1 for an M2?

    True BUT What about the shit sound it makes? I covered that in a previous post. You won’t get any arguments from me on that score.
  15. Trade the Mach 1 for an M2?

    No. It’s almost as if you wanted the performance of the M2 desperately enough then you’d have to be willing to overlook the design.
  16. Hard Parking: A Mach 1 Picture Only Thread.

    I don’t want to appear to be nit picking but it’s not a Mach 1. They only came as a sportsroof.
  17. GM is pulling back on EVs

    I inquired about a VW Arteon R before I ordered my Mustang and was quoted ‘at least 12 months as VW are concentrating on EV production’. That was approx a year ago so the situation may well have changed since then.
  18. Trade the Mach 1 for an M2?

    I’ve had a couple of M4’s, a standard car and a Competition Pack. Both sounded like petrol lawnmowers. If you can live with an ugly car - I know, subjective - AND that sound then go for it.