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  1. 6r80 remote dipstick/filler

    I pull trans every season for maintence/repairs and am so sick of the fill and check proceadures. I have a two post lift but still it’s just a messy pita! I ordered a coyote CJ dipstick from a guy on eBay who makes them. First off it’s not made for a car with factory a/c so you have to bend...
  2. 4200lbs running 8’s on just 18psi!

    As the title says yesterday’s first test pass was great! I cranked it up to 28psi for the next pass but the transmission wasn’t too happy unfortunately. Too bad because I really wanted to see what this thing could do. Anyways figured I’d share. Btw, this was in a 3600 DA too.
  3. Picking up steam on the Hub Dyno

    Jumped on my buddies Mainline pro hub dyno yesturday. Wanted to do a health check and check everything over after I got the engine and convertor back from a refresh. I’m glad to say everything was happy and healthy so we wicked it up to 28psi and here’s the result: Here was the pulls from...
  4. Pretty Pumped, Engine back from BPS!

    Shipped my engine to Billet Pro Shop in Dec and just got it back yesturday. Pretty pumped to get everything back together and tested! I went a little lean on #1 cylinder my last race of the season and it was starting to curl the piston. New piston, rings, line coated, HD wrist pins and Oringed...
  5. 315/50/17 EtStreet R’s Installed

    Stepped it up from the 305’s to help first gear leaves, street hookups and less than ideal track prep. Quite a bit bigger than the 305’s as you can see in the pic. i won’t be able to test them out until I get the engine back in but they sure look like they belong there. forgestar 17x10” Gr350...
  6. Winter Project- Beauty meets beast

    Well it’s been a busy winter up here in Northwestern Canada. I broke and bent my diff bolts at the track the last time out in the fall so decided why not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Beefed everything up so this won’t happen again when I go for 1.2 60’ this year weighing 4050lbs. But...
  7. Rear end project is done!

    I snapped/bent my diff bolts and ruined the bushings I had in there. Since it’s winter up here in Alberta I had the time for this little project. Pulled everything, degreased, sand blasted, painted and powder coated. Installed solid diff bushings, subframe bushings, lower control arm and toe...
  8. 315 MT EtstreetR Fitment

    *I seen the post a few threads down but didn’t want to hijack it. The tracks around here are usually just mediocre prepped and I’m planning on turning it up more often this season hence wanting a bigger tire. Anyone here running the exact same setup as me and not having any rubbing issues...
  9. Cam Sensor Codes and others

    I finally took the car out for the first drive of the year since the snow finally melted. I just drove 5miles or so then went home. Everything ran perfectly. I shut the car off in my driveway then went to restart it and it struggled to fire and it flashed “system charging issues” in the cluster...
  10. Anyone ever replace a Recaro seat skin?

    I want to pull cover off the backrest and send to get fixed, was wondering if anyone has any write ups on the Recaros. The 5-point harness inserts must have to come off but I’m not to sure how. Have any of you done it?
  11. What airbag modules are needed?

    Side curtains and the Recaro drivers seat airbag deployed. The fronts did not, I already got new side curtains just trying to figure out what else is needed? Are these the correct parts and all that’s needed for a 2016 GT Premium?
  12. What CF Driveshaft to go with in s550 TT/Auto?

    I currently have a DSS aluminum one which has horrible vibrations above 60mph plus i'm making a lot more power now. I want a QA1 Carbon but they are backordered 8-12wks. What are some other options and in stock for my application?
  13. Built 6r80 Won’t catch a gear under boost.

    What would cause a built 6r80 to not catch a Gear under boost? I was that the truck last night, I did two pulls and couldn’t catch 2nd and third, Just redlined. Once I let out in the RPM comes down a little bit it will catch. Drives fine on the street, doing highway pulls on waste gate, but as...
  14. Crazy DSS DS Vibration at 60+mph

    I’ve spent 2+hrs searching and reading all the threads on here about the vibration issues with aftermarket driveshafts on these cars. At 60+mph it’s like I have vibrating seats. Cannot see out of rear view mirror. I just had a 4 wheel alignment and 4 new balanced wheels as well. First...
  15. New 1400rwhp TT build finally hits the Dyno

    It’s been a long 9 months but finally hit the Dyno and exceeded my expectations! Now to hit the track! 😈
  16. Canada - Alberta FS - ID1300x Injectors

    5,000mi since new. $1200usd shipped Fits All 2011-2021 Ford Mustang GT and 2015-2021 GT350 and GT500 Models I just swapped them out for ID 1700’s.
  17. Alignment needed after Rear Spring Spacers?

    I’m about to install a pair of 1/4” rear spring spacers (1/2”) lift. Will I need an alignment?
  18. Just Installed the Chute

    Since I will be over 160mph this season I added a Motion Raceworks chute mount, cable, cable holder and Stroud 430 chute. I have no ebrake so I mounted the cable to that handle. I was pretty nervous about measuring and drilling into the bumper since I have a little ocd when it comes to this...
  19. Anyone running Boost activated Exhaust Cutouts?

    I’ve ran QTP electric exhaust cutouts in both my 04 Terminator and 13 Shelby gt500 in the past but now having a turbo s550 am thinking about boost activated cutouts. Dors anyone have any experience with them? Such as...