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  1. 1st HPDE Day Tips and Prep?

    From what I was told by a local helmet retailer, the 2025's are not released until the end of that year, which means I would need to stick with my SA2015 for this year AND next year.
  2. Clunk sound when reversing.

    It is your front brake pads knocking against the calipers. It is a once per slow speed direction change as you described. This same question came up a week ago, so you can search for it if so inclined.
  3. Map lights suck

    I recall that I got mine installed without popping out the reflectors, probably by using gentle pressure because I already knew the risk. Maybe I wiggled the bulb back and forth during insertion. Perhaps you could retain downward pressure on the reflector at the bulb opening with a right angle...
  4. Ramps for DIY Oil Change

    If you don't plan to mod your car underneath, then ramps are good for oil changes. But if you think you will mod underneath then why not apply the ramps' money towards floor jack and stands? About $250 covers aluminum 2.5T jack plus four stands when they are on sale.
  5. S550 Diff cooler build overview, electrical instal, and An fittings

    Agree, if even that. My car is DD and track use. The 180F thermal switch means it never even switches on for daily driving. My DIY system uses -6AN lines throughout. Overall, it's a small oiling system, so...
  6. 2015 Mustang Base GT - what is needed to get through HPDE?

    OMG, I'm really sorry to be so rude, but please try search next time! There is a goldmine of info in the Track section.
  7. Moving Mishimoto Oil cooler to lower grill opening

    Agreed. If not reusing your existing lines I recommend the new Setrab polished sandwich plate and -10AN lines (12AN won't fit due to spacing).
  8. Moving Mishimoto Oil cooler to lower grill opening

    Also, this temp sticker has yet to register even the first block (250F)at the track.
  9. Moving Mishimoto Oil cooler to lower grill opening

    @Bossdog I ran 46 minutes straight during an open track day at Putnam Park. Steady temperatures. Have yet to attend a 90F+ ambient track day. You described my setup accurately. My oil cooler does not block the stack. Although my second A10 trans cooler is mounted low in front of the...
  10. Differential Fluid

    ^^ This. Some of us (including me) like Valvoline because the squeeze pouch makes it super easy to put in the diff, and because it already contains the friction modifier.
  11. Anybody running 4 or 5 point harness

    Same as with 3pt.
  12. Front calipers clicking

    If you had tried search first, you would have found threads covering this issue. (To be fair, some threads may be titled with the words "front end" or"noise".) Anyway, I'll bet it is simply the brake pads shifting and knocking against the calipers. I had a helper slowly reverse direction in...
  13. Anybody running 4 or 5 point harness

    To repeat what I said, the 4pt allows me to use the Hans. The debate over 3-4-5-6pt restraint is well covered in other threads on this forum.
  14. Anybody running 4 or 5 point harness

    The Quickfit unbuckles quickly. And then I am back to OEM 3pt setup for daily.
  15. Anybody running 4 or 5 point harness

    There is no workaround for the standard seats. You can't just add the submarine belt, even if you add an anchor point for it. It won't function as needed. I bought Schroth Quickfit 4pt harness from a 6g member and bought a new SHR Flex Hans restraint. My reasoning is that I wanted Hans for...
  16. Ford Recommended Bolt Install Procedure

    I reuse my bolts, don't apply threadlock, torque to 185# and then put paint marks to check for any backing off. I track my car and have never had any issues.
  17. Rear Hub Suggestions Requested

    IMO you can replace them on as-needed basis rather than in pairs. Listen for a "propeller airplane" sound at around 30-40mph. My right rear hub went out first - the sound was distinctive and easily heard. Then I recognized the same sound from the left rear, only fainter. The removed hub...
  18. Moving Mishimoto Oil cooler to lower grill opening

    Friendly reminder of my response to your other post about cooling your PP2 car. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/surprise-pp2-short-comings-for-track-use-not-easy-to-remedy.194540/post-3898344 There is room to put your cooler in the 24" x 6" space just above the belly pan. I cut...
  19. Question about Timing and Knock Sesnors

    I don't care about the extra HP gained from using high octane pump gas during HPDE track days. But am I taking any risks to my engine given the higher RPM/loads if I use regular 87 octane gas?
  20. S550 Electronic Modules and Their Networks -- A Primer

    Gets my vote for a living document and sticky.