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  1. leftover 17s

    looking to replace my 18. i am torn between waiting to see what the 19 350 brings and picking up a leftover 17. would you guys have any concerns over a brand new vehicle that has been just sitting for a year and a half to two years now?
  2. Shelby is gone

    Dropped the car off at the dealer to get the calipers painted and windows tinted. While they had it, it was crashed into pretty hard and suffered a lot of damage. Dealer was really good and tried to give me one of their 350s in stock but didn't like the color or options on them. Was going to get...
  3. my 18 base 350 was delivered today

    Bought it from a dealer in Kansas city and it was drop shipped locally. I am paying a 300 courtesy delivery fee and the receiving dealership is getting 250 to inspect the car. I went by there at noon and the car was getting a visual inspection by 2 employees. They asked if it was my car and I...
  4. Start button

    I don't like the red accents and want to change the start button for something different. Been looking online and can't find anything, wondering if anyone on here has found a replacement or if I'm gonna have to buy a spare and try to do something with it myself. Any help would be much appreciated
  5. american racing cat back

    anyone running this without longtubes? curious how it sounds
  6. got VIN and build date

    salesman called me and my order got pulled on thursday. yesterday i recieved an email from him with the VIN and its scheduled to get built the week of 10/23. lead foot, black roof, no stripes, and car cover. hope to take delivery in december. so damn excited
  7. got my 18 order in!!

    my guy called me this morning, 18 order banks opened yesterday. was set on lead foot with black roof but saw a lightning blue at a local dealer the other day. went with lightning blue, no stripes or black roof, and got the car cover. now the waiting continues but its a step in the right direction
  8. 2015 GT PP

    Unfortunately major life change forces sell of my black 2015 base GT performance package, Recaro car. Spent lots of time researching and picking out the modifications that are on the car. The list is as follows BBK 1 3/4 chrome longtubes, catless attach MBRP black race exhaust with black tips...